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Friday, 28 December 2007

Queen's Speech Christmas 2007

For anyone who has not seen it and is interested, the Queen's Speech is available here.

It begins in black and white and cuts back to the Queen 50 years ago at her first televised speech back in the olden days, 1957. You can tell it's the olden days because it is black and white. She is surrounded by photographs. Suddenly, as if by magic, the up to date Queen appears. You can tell she is the up to date one because she is in colour and she is walking away from her television set which is showing the old Queen. Look at the window to the right of the screen, it looks just like the crosshairs of a telescopic gun sight.

We then cut to her mingling at her Diamond wedding, chatting about a "photograph", "so nice". Here our attention is drawn to the younger members of H.M.'s family, Harry, Wills and Beatrice.

We go back though to hear the Queen talk of Mary and Joseph and a family shut off. She calls it a Christmas story then reminds us that we are all "one human family" of responsibility to one another. Look at the lighting on the Christmas tree as the video progresses, watch the stars brighten and, therefore night draws in.

It's time for some armed forces though 'cause the Royal's love their military might. Since it's Christmas we skip the Red Arrows and instead focus on remembering the war dead. Grannies at home glance tearfully at the mantelpiece and their own treasured memories whilst we watched troops and a giant Cenotaph.

Then the magical Queen again, reminding us of the vulnerable, and to have a blitz-ed Christmas, before the old black and white one to close.

Wrapped it up nicely - a gift for the mind.


ps back with news soon, have some difficulties at present.


aferrismoon said...

Cheers for the review, will check the vid.
May your difficulties wane

Newspaceman said...

thanks aferrismoon. It is the same sort of format as we have seen on a large number of BBC news reports recently. The past is depicted in black and white photographs and the TV magically jumps a generation or two.

I am still sure about a new King though - am thinking maybe this week with the Royal's being in Scotland (promised land).

The blue tongue disease reached here the other day and I saw that M&S boss, Stuart Rose, was honoured by the Queen which got me thinking about it all again.

And of course there is the Deep Impact fly by - what better way to announce a new King.

We shall see though - I could be well wrong.