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Saturday, 1 December 2007

BBC TV News - Friday 30th November

Khartoum was our first destination on the News at 10 last night as we heard how thousands of irate Muslims had taken to the streets to protest about the "lenient" sentence handed to Gillian Gibbons, the teacher who allowed her class to call their teddy bear Mohammed. Some were pictured, brandishing knives and calling for the death sentence. One said he would personally behead her and another, somehwat prompted, told how she had "crossed the red line". We heard from BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner who told us very little, understandably perhaps, as I fail to understand what bearing this particular incident has on our security as a nation. Maybe it is a conditioning process - when you see Frank, you know we are in trouble. For those interested, the latest video release is available here

David Abrahams, the illuminated man behind the recent illegal donations to the Labour Party has spoken out, telling more of the arrangements and who exactly was aware of them. We heard of a money trail and Jon Mendelsohn before we saw the an image of the outside of the top of No10 Downing Street's door, backlit from within, looking like the rising sun. It seems that the resulting police investigation is to be called Operation Minerva, we were provided with no rationale for this choice of moniker although it should perhaps be pointed out that Minerva was the Roman Goddess of craft, amongst other things. Check this video link out and watch for the pro Israel backdrop just seconds in. This is all part of the process for a one world government and it is happening right now, in full view. We are being conned.

150 of the "biggest companies in the world" have ganged up together in an effot to secure a global agreement on climate change. No detail were given other than some of the companies involved, Shell was one. I have however found more of the story here, it appears that Prince Charles, The Man who won't be King, is somehow now involved.

Vicky Hamilton, the Scottish girl found murdered after 15 years was yesterday laid to rest. Images were shown of the funeral and within the church etc. I fail to understand how cameras are permitted in to these events.

Another funeral, that of firefighter John Avens, who perished in the recent warehouse inferno. Again we saw images of the event including the religious service. Again we saw images of grieving relatives etc., additionally, his brother told how he used to shout at the telly when the rugby was on - just to bring in right into your own living room. Trojan horse.

Coming up Evel Knievel dies - clip of Evel talking about God.

World Aids Day - we were treated images of suffering human infants, not all 1.5 milion of them obviously. As usual, it was harrowing and disturbing. All that was missing was Princess Diana.

Russia, President Putin and accusations of political blackmail, forcing government employees to vote for his party was the allegation proffered here.

Hilary Clinton, breaking news as we heard of a bomber holed up in her office with potential hostages. Arial images of the police operation were broadcast, before we some others showing Hilary and Bill amongst adoring voters. We were however told that Clinton has "polarised America" and that "America is hurtling into a highly charged situation", in respect of the forthcoming elections.

To close as promised, Evel Knievel's death. A long tribute type of feature, Mr Knievel talked of God and life, we saw images of him daredeviling on motorbikes and strapped to a rocket type device which looked pretty suspect to be honest. I remember his toys, the advert showed a motorbike and Evol hurtling through the air, fantastic. The product was not so good and not up to much. Bit like our real world. You can watch the feature here if you like,


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