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Monday, 10 December 2007

BBC News - Sunday 9/12

Iraq was first on last night news at 10, our Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made a "surprise visit" to Basra, and has advised that control of the province will be handed over to the Iraqi authorities by Christmas, the remaining 4,500 UK troops being utilised in a role of "overwatch". This isn't really new news though, its been happening for 200o years.

Next up, still in Iraq with Gordon, the subject moving slightly to the five terrorists who have been held since May. Gordon can be seen here impersonating a school headmaster.

Afghanistan, another soldier killed, his image displayed for us.

Mrs Darwin, the wife of the "back from the dead" canoeist has flown back to the UK and was immediately arrested.

Mugabe - The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has cut up his "dog collar" live on a BBC television show and advised that he will not wear it again until the President is removed from his position of office in Zimbabwe. He is of the opinion that Mugabe has "taken people's identity and cut it to pieces", this scissors exercise was an attempt to symbolically represent this which may well be true. I personally am of the position that Jesus Christ's identity and purpose has similarly been cut to pieces, this can easily be illustrated by "Christmas", a supposed religious festival, which has been turned into a nonsense of consumerism and materialism, the very opposite of Jesus' teachings. Perhaps the esteemed Doctor should concentrate on that first, after all it appears that our more "cultured" Western society feels obliged to lead the poor African nations into a New World and to dictate their behaviour and social structure. Watch it here.
It also strikes my mind that only last week, or the week before, we saw immigrants in European Italy being forced from their shanty town abodes and sent back to poverty and disease in Eastern Europe. Pot kettle black.

To close, two men fighting for other humans entertainment, Hatton vs Mayweather, we saw Hatton being pounded to the canvas at the end.


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