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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

BBC TV News - Tuesday 11th December

An al-Quaeda attack on Algiers headlined the BBC News at 10 last night; images of the aftermath were in abundance as we heard of two bombings, one on a Nato building, the other on a Government office. It seems that native terrorists are to blame and that they have in fact just recently returned from Iraq after helping the insurgents there. Frank Gardner, security correspondent, told us more, "a secret corridor" through Africa and a global jihad with Europe being the "next central focus", "cafes, football grounds and internet cafes" the recruitment grounds for the terrorists. You can watch Frank's report here.

We plodded on to the police and their unhappiness at their recent pay offer, 1.9% disguised, perhaps bearded?, as 2.5%. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to strike or work to rule and so are manifesting their annoyance in other manners, lobbying MP's and suchlike; perhaps even being a bit heavy handed with the criminals, although no mention was made of the latter possibility.

The image of a large frightening man (not Det Sup Tony Hutchison) was displayed next as we were told of an individual, Andrew Mournian, who got out of jail early and then subsequently killed his girlfriend. It appears that his early release did not contribute to her untimely death though,
he would have killed her whenever he got out.

Schools and education followed, Ed Balls the government minister in charge of this, has unveiled new plans which he hopes will "transform" the current system; additionally he hopes to ban advertising thus "make England more child friendly" and "the best place in the world to grow up". This is really just nonsense.

US interest rate cut - stock market falls.

Staying with America, we turned to the CIA and their information extraction methods, in particular waterboarding. We saw a reconstructed demonstration of this technique and heard from John Kiriarks who debated torture versus quality of information received, he seemed to think it should be allowed. We, as viewers, were asked to consider firstly if waterboarding was torture, and, if so, should it be acceptable anyway. "Not everything is black or white". You can watch it, I find it a bit disturbing

Mrs Darwin next, she was up court yesterday for fraud charges in relation to her back from the dead husband John. She said she was sorry for the upset she had caused to her sons Mark and Anthony, and hoped they could be reconciled. Police have received over a dozen calls regarding the
photograph of the John Jones photograph released yesterday.

Our population is on the increase, mainly due to the amount of "migrant mothers" who are having children once they arrive in the UK. 21% of children born last year were to the aforementioned category, although no information was provided as to how what classified a migrant mother. This feature was called the Changing Face of Britain and was illustrated with a backdrop of ethnically diverse individuals.

"Thousands" lined the streets of Cardiff to welcome back the 2nd Battalion Welsh from their "tour of Iraq". Strong associations between sport and war were made in this feature, filmed from a sporting venue, it was almost like a winning football manager being interviewed for his view of a game. This can be seen again in the vocabulary used by any sport's reporter, "great battle", "attack", "historic victory". It is this constant subliminal reinforcement that helps condition us to the actual horrors of war. In some ways, it takes it down a level and makes it more acceptable. In my opinion. Watch it here though, judge for yourself.

Staying with Iraq, and moving back to America, we revisited the 2nd (again) Platoon, part of the surge, to see how matters had progressed in the past seven months. We saw how the relationship had changed, now the soldiers knock politely on doors rather than kicking them in. See how the nice soldiers have befriended the children at a kindergarten. It actually makes you sick to watch it. They are living in a war zone no matter how much it is tarted up. Funny how we see all the propaganda after another "terrorist outrage".

To close, America yet again, 23 die in an ice storm in the Mid West States.


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