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Monday, 3 December 2007

BBC TV News - Sunday 2nd December

We began again with financial funding to the Labour Party on the BBC News at tea time yesterday. It seems that their boss in Scotland, Wendy Alexander, is now accused of having received an "illegal donation", we heard more of this £950 and the possible repercussions, along with clips of various Sunday morning political televisual debating programmes; or perhaps programming would be more appropriate.

Miss Gibbons followed - a pair of Peers, Lord Ahmed and Baroness Warsi, are currently in Sudan, attemtping to secure an early release. We heard that they intend to meet the President tomorrow, in order to beg for clemancy. Being honest, her 14 days will be up shortly, if they include the time awaiting sentence. Nothing new said in this report and nothing for a pair it seems, not in this game.

Russia next, Putin's landslide victory. Our on-the-spot reporter, Rupert something-Hayes, who was attired in the manner of a cross between a poor man's Bond and a Russian gangster (MI5/6/7?), told us more of the result and the "political scene" over there.

A short update on the referendum in Venezuela, still being counted.

Italy's immigrant population are being turfed out the country according to the next, disturbing report. We heard how legislation has recently changed in and as such Romanian and Albanian "refugees" are being rounded up and put on a bus back home. We saw the bus and also a bulldozer. We were shown around one of their old homes, constructed with bits of cardboard and wood in the traditional shanty town style. Our reporter showed us more, batteries, clothes and saucepans all abandoned in the forced exodus. It seemed from the tone of the report that civilians are assisting with this ethnic cleansing process on a voluntary basis, forming vigilante type groups and driving the immigrants out. I hope this link works, I have had to swap browsers.

And that was that, apart from sport.


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