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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

BBC TV News - Tuesday 4th December

Fiona Bruce presented the BBC news at 10 last night where we began with a hostage situation in Iraq which has been ongoing since May 29th although our Foreign Office has kept the issue "low profile". It appears that 5 of our armed service personnel have been taken , we saw a newly released ransom demand video in which one, flanked by 2 rebels holding "standard American issue" M16 assault rifles, claimed he had been forgottten by our military authorities. We heard more about the hostage takers, the Islamic Shia Resistance, and that the Americans are claiming that they have "links to Iran and furthermore are "equipped by Iran". If this is the case, why the M16's ?
To close this report, Frank Gardner BBC security correspondent, told us of some "good news" in the situation, namely that it was not al-Quaeda who were involved.

An official warning was next, given to mortgage lenders yesterday by their regulatory body the Financial Services Authority (FSA), and advising them to "beware of significant consumer stress in respect of increased payments", to "smarten up their arrears handling" and to" stock up on cash", in preparation for the "real prospect that conditions will worsen in 2008". Furthermore, we heard that "some current busines models are no longer economically viable". Basically, the upshot is that house prices are on the way down,mortgages are becoming harder to obtain and those individuals whp have been funding their extravagent lifestyles on rising property values are in for a shock, to say the least. Schoolboy economics.

Mrs, and I must apologise for calling her Miss all week, Gibbons has returned from her 8 day stretch in Sudanese jail. We saw the lady along with the two peers who secured her early release, smiles all round.

Doctor Southall, the one who accuses parents of murdering their children, has been struck off by the GMC. His lawyer spoke on his behalf, saying that he had the childrens best interests at heart, however we heard of secret files and from a none too happy mother. A young man, Lawrence Alexander, told how the Doc had accused his own parents of suffocating him which was simply not true. The esteemed Dr has not had the courtesy to apologise to any of the victims and it seems that he still considers himself correct in his diagnosis'.

Coming up - catching illegal immigrants

First though we heard of calls for the RAF to ground the Nimrod fleet, given the result of a Ministry of Defence enquiry which has found that the plane which exploded last September, killing 14 personnel, was probably caused by a mid air fuel leak. We saw images of the dead along with a graphic reconstruction of the incident.

Another soldier killed and two more injured in Afghanistan,

As promised the feature on how Europe is strengthening it's borders. Here we travelled to the Slovakia/Ukrain border to see illegal refugees attempting to cross enroute for London. For those interested, the link is here. I read an article in a Sunday newspaper which suggested that this region is being emphasised by the BBC as it is extremely volatile in terms of our relationship with Russia. You can have a look at the video here,

This was followed by a report on a potentially huge child abuse case in Jersey. We heard of 70 victims, 21 suspects and of physical, mental and sexual abuse. It appears that the Sea Cadets and a local childrens home are heavily implicated.

Top anti terror policeman Andy Hayman has quit his role, blaming media intrusion and hurtful allegations, regarding his behaviour and expenses claims, amongst other things. You can watch the report here, it is becoming a case of give them enough rope as concerns the media. That is the intention - censorship down the line.

To close, an interesting feature on whether chimps, "creatures of the forest" were "brighter" than humans, in respect of "maths and memory". We saw the chimp pressing the numbers 1-9 in a sequence, seemingly faster than a human can, and were told that "scientists say we have lost abilities like this" due to our "sophisticated language". But letters and numbers are all symbols ?
You can read about it here
or watch the video here


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