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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

BBC TV News - Monday 3rd December

A pair of peers scoops all it seems as we heard the latest on Muslim offending educationalist Gillian Gibbons and her early release from Sudanese imprisonment last night on the BBC news at 10. Her son declared it "the best possible Christmas present" from his media beseiged abode, before we turned to the school in Liverpool she used to work at before her overseas expedition, the gates festooned with yellow ribbons - to be removed our reporter advised - given her release. But she was going to get out anyway - next week.

Some people are criticising the Sudanese for their behaviour in this matter, I strongly disagree. It is exactly what Morissey told of last week in relation to England. Diluting belief systems and traditions and as such, undermining long standing values and cultures. It is all the same goal at the end of the day - one world population - one big mass of hypnotised, non thinking humans. Why though?

Next up, a proposed ban on cigarette machines and sunbeds in order to attempt to alleviate the curse of cancer. We heard more about type of cancers and the UK survival rates which seemed abysmal when compared to other countries. Again though, this is doubletalk, there is no like for like comparison. If for example we take America where health is paid for, then we could say that the rich have more chance of finding cancer early, for the simple reason that they can afford regular check ups. By the time the financially poor people even realise they have the disease, it is not worth operating, even if they could afford it. Hence their recovery to operation rate is higher. Notwithstanding all of that, the only place I ever saw cigarette machines was in the pub, before the smoking ban. Horse bolted door. To close we were reminded of the importance of a healthy life and what that actually meant in terms of style choices. An Olympics destined monk seems the best summary.

Next, a report has been compiled which states that Iraq are not in fact constructing nuclear weapons. We saw some historic clips of George Bush warning of WW3 to remind us of the constant threat.

More on the Labour party funding disgrace. Anyone know if David Abrahams has a large shareholding in the Northern Rock ? He is from that neck of the woods.

Next up, "the best Christmas present any family could wish for" (except for the aforementioned Gibbons' one assumes) as we were told the story of the missing prison officer who walked into a police station after five years missing, his jacket and smashed canoe, found on a beach way back then, unlike his memory which is still missing. We heard from a psychologist who said he may have been suffering from stress and depression.

Coming up - American presidental campaign.

First though. a "special" report regarding the possibility that pregnant Indian ladies living in the UK are travelling back to India to obtain abortions if they are carrying a female child, as male is the preferred option it seems in their culture. During the feature, we were advised that it is in fact "impossible to say how many travel from the UK" to have this surgery performed and that statement really sums it up. Is this feature just time filling with obnoxious storytelling or does it in fact relate back to the erosion of cultures as previously discussed. It is difficult to argue about the content of the feature, killing unborn humans as they are the "wrong" sex", however we have seen similar storylines in the past on the news - clitoris removal in teenage girls if my memory serves me correctly. The feature is here for those interested.

Russia, an update on Putin, we saw his supporters, some brandishing teddy bears, marching through the streets and chasing away opponents. Mention was made of pamphlets warning followers to look out for extremists.
I have recently been reading the Soviet Art of Brain Washing and most enlightening it is. Part two is linked, I beg readers to have a glance.

Next, another Cli, this time Hilary Clinton, a lady with extremely thin lips. This was the promised feature on the battle between her and Barrak Obama in over the presidency in America, we saw both of them speaking and Hilary meeting prospective voters in a diner. Nort much real information was supplied in terms of policies etc, perhaps because there are none. It seems more like a battle of personalities now, on both sides of the water, certainly here they all seem to follow the path down the middle towards a one world government, despite the smoke and mirrors.

Last, up, the Turner Prize has been won by Mark Wallinger for his replica of Brian Haw's Iraq War protest in Parliament Square, State Britain. State run BBC said very little about the esteemed Mr Haw, or the work of art, and instead attemped to portray the Turner award as humerous, more attention being drawn to Mr Wallingers Berlin bear film.


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