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Sunday, 25 November 2007

BBC TV News - Sat 24th November

I watched the late afternoon news yesterday on the BBC where we began with Australia and their recent elections where Kevin Rudd of the Labor party was voted in as Prime Minister, replacing Conservative John Howard. We heard of the "end of an era" and 0f "writing a new page in Australia's history" and viewed images of both winner and loser giving a speech to faithful party members. It all seemed remarkably friendly compared to here, I must say.

The missing disks, we were advised that the police have carried out searches of various premises operated by TNT courier services although have found nothing. TNT "dispute they were the carriers though", and no proof of postage has been offered, the package seemingly being sent on a basic class basis. It seems though that some more disks have gone astray within the postal system, 6 were apparently sent by an Inland Revenue department to their head office and have not yet appeared. This seemingly shows a "pattern of carelessness" within our Civil Service.

Gordon Brown is in Uganda, we saw him strolling through a park, in conversation with a lady who's identity was not revealed. He seemed to be having some difficulty in co-ordinating his camera orientated talking-with-his-hands whilst walking, it looked more like he was fumbling to catch a cricket ball rather than an important and educated individual engaged in important conversation - which is what one assumes this ridiculous fad is meant to imply.

Northern Rock, we heard that plans to break it up and sell it were being opposed by shareholders.

Still up North, this time Antartica as we heard more of the rescue of the individuals who were "shipwrecked" on the M/S (not microsoft) explorer after hitting ice in this desolate "corner of the globe". You can see the video link here as the survivors talk about their rescue
Written information plus links to more videos

Pakistan - 2 suicide bombings, brief details were given

The Queen next, she and Phillip have been visiting Uganda, today was their last day and they visited a school (checking on the harvest?) where they received a "rapturous welcome from hundreds of adorable flag waving children. You can watch the report here, note the reference to PP's age and how he is "keeping up". Imminent era change? Anyhow, the Queen will open the Comonwealth talks tomorrow, one wonders if she will bump into Gordon Brown ?
Video link here to this monarchial extravaganza, watch for the reference to "responsible citizens", this statement is muraled on my local primary school's playground wall. One wonders if the pupils there would be encouraged to celebrate the visit of HM and if so, why.?

To close, the Queen's son Prince Charles, natural successor to the throne. We saw him with his floozie Camilla at the source of the Nile; "a large lake named after one of one's ancestors", our reporter advised. Loch Ness, the source of the Nile ?

Lets just take a quick look at the position though. I believe that the Queen will step down soon, very soon. And Charles for King ? Well, lets look at the situation. He is portrayed almost as a bumbling fool who additionally treated Diana abysmally, carying on with Camilla despite being married. The media's view of Camilla - see Heather Mills McCartney. The public's view of a man who carries on behind his partners back - see Mark Bannerman and Cerys Matthews in this weeks immensely popular TV show: I'm a Celebrity - Get me out of here, filmed live in the Australian "wilderness". Coincidentally, last night the contestant's supper was camel sausages, I kid you not.

Maybe it will be William who meets the farmer?


Sausage hunters ?


Michael said...

"Loch Ness, the source of the Nile ?"

Droll, very droll. It will be interesting to see how Prince Charles is removed.

Newspaceman said...

Sorry Michael, could not help it.

As regards his removal- via Camilla via the media. It is a double edged sword really, and the result will be that Charles will blame the media when he declines the job as King. Perhaps due to a tabloid witch hunt of Camilla. Then the Diana inquest also blames the media (cetainly in part).

Upshot - new King and censored media (although it is already to a certain extent.

As regards conditioning for this event - camel(a) sausages - shouts of disgust from contestants and no doubt viwers.

And the superman in Jake Kotze's blog looks like (is) Richard Branson.

too many coincidences really for my liking.


see also Kate McCann and Heather Mills McCartney re media victims.

Michael said...

Yes, I can see that - a firestorm of media muckraking over Charles' "fitness to rule". Publicly mocked and disgraced, he "redeems" himself by passing the throne on to his son.

It seems Branson is set to "save" Northern Rock.

aferrismoon said...

Katherine Camilla MacMills - whore of Babylon or next in line for the Throne