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Monday, 31 December 2007

The Golden Lion

Still struggling with the televised news and theories of a resurrected Sun God, I came across this little nugget which seems to run in the same vein, certainly to my mind.

For the first time since 1883, Lyle's Syrup are to change the logo on their tin, the dark green being replaced by gold. This change will only last for a year and is to celebrate their 125th anniversary, the company being set up by a Scotsman called Abram Lyle.

Those interested can find the Daily Express story here.

This following quotation is from Lyle's own website.

"When it comes to foods that like to take their time, Lyle's Golden Syrup surely takes the biscuit; or should that be the flapjack? Deliciously thick and silky smooth, people have been coaxing it from its iconic tin to add its Midas touch to porridge and pancakes, puds and cookies, since Victorian times. Now (2008), this gooey golden elixir, which flows so slow and majestic from its green and gold casing, celebrates its 125th birthday; proving it's as much loved today as it ever was."

Eye spy

For more, some might say foresighted, work on the artistry of this very logo, please see here.



aferrismoon said...

Happy One New Every Year
Can't wait to see the new logo
Cheers yersel'

Newspaceman said...
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