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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Marble Solitaire and Animal Farm

I watched the news last night but the two main stories were the same as the night before, Brother Abraham and his dodgy donations, Miss Gibbons and the misnamed soft toy. Additionally though, we had Nelson Mandella and his 46664 campaign along with match fixing in European football.

So rather than the news, I thought I would write about solitaire, a board game designed for one person, the object being to jump each marble over each other and leave only one marble on the board, in the centre spot. When I was young, I laboured for days over this game and could just not puzzle it out. Then one day, my Grandad, who I more or less lived with for a spell, gave me a clue on how to solve it. "Start at the end and work your way back" was the suggestion. And it worked. Simply put one marble in the middle of the empty board and then reverse the game - that way you find out the moves, albeit backwards.

Animal Farm I read at school and thoroughly enjoyed. I was not quite so sure about the Russian Revolution allegoretical theory, it did'nt really interest me, nor could I see the correlations, not having kicked about in those days. You just accepted what was told by the teacher and then regurgitated it in an exam situation, thus keeping everyone sweet at home.

And now, as I approach 40, it is all suddenly beginning to have a purpose. Orwell was a man of vision who knew what was coming; after all it was being plotted even back then, probably for centuries or even millenia before. His animal book was not about the Russian Revolution, it was a warning to mankind. I personally believe that Jesus was telling us the same thing, yet somehow his true intention and purpose has been manipulated, and he is instead seen as an icon t0 worship, rather than take notice of his warnings.

Use your brain as the last marble, put it in a world of collectiveness, where individuality is despised. Where a man has no real freedom,. he is born into a system, is educated by that system, and works for the system till he dies. He has no thoughts of any other lifestyle or social structure because his mind is unable to conceive anything different . He is unable to think for himself anymore. There are no alternatives in the New World other than death, re-education or conformance. Watch the moves being played. Now.


Losing my marbles ?


Michael said...

No, just seeing things more clearly than most. The "gift/curse" of prophecy is that you can see the bad end before everyone else, which explains why prophets are never heeded - it's never good news, and if it is, then that's a sure sign of a false prophet.

Sorry, in a foul mood tonight. I feel like I'm on a train of drunken revelers, who can't see that the bridge is out, just ahead. The party has been going on so long, we're sure the bill will never come due.

Anonymous said...

Well said.