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Saturday, 8 December 2007

BBC TV News - Saturday 8th December

John Darwin, the "canoeist who came back from the dead" was first up on this short, late afternoon BBC programme, the news being that the police have charged him with obtaining cash by deception and some sort of passport offence. We saw the police giving a statement before turning our attention to Mrs Darwin, who is now in Miami and appears to have sold her story to the media. Will she return to the UK. Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Europe Africa New World Talks, we heard that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, spoke at the conference - criticising President Mugabee and claiming Uganda is damaging the image of Africa.

Keiran Fallon, the jockey cleared only yesterday of race fixing has tested positive for cocaine. The horse involved, My Boy Charlie. We heard this could be the end of the line for him and await results of a second test.

Demonstrations have been held about climate change, images of protesters handing in a letter to No 10 were displayed.

Flooding in Wales coincidentally followed, with more bad weather expected. No mention was made of the run off of rainwater which now occurs due to new local housing developments, and how this is the actual cause of the floods in this instance. It is all left up to the imagination with a bit subliminal prompting.

Guantanamo Bay, just what is going to happen to these three British residents. Our Conservative party are requesting an explanation, given the Americans consider them "dangerous".

To close, the Hatton Mayweather boxing, we saw the weigh in from yesterday and heard more of the build up.







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