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Friday, 20 June 2008

Royal Mascot

It is surely more than coincidence (bearing in mind my Monarchy/Europe/global domination theory) that a horse called Henrythenavigator won the St James Palace Stakes at Royal Ascot on Tuesday at odds of 4-7, the very week that the Treaty of Lisbon has again hit the headlines.

We have seen the Irish vote no - but little heed being taken; then our own House of Lords ushering the bill through on Wednesday night, before, on Thursday, HM the Queen gave Royal Assent, using the customary Norman-French language to do so. From the Guardian:

Gordon Brown will today attempt to put Britain at the heart of the debate on the future of the EU when he meets Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris as the Queen gives royal assent - in Norman French - to the parliamentary bill enacting the Lisbon Treaty.

Curiously, when one looks into the history of the Norman-French language, we find another treaty, The Treaty of Saint Clair-sur-Epte, an agreement which allowed the vikings to settle in France and establish their own region. The year was 911, the region was Normandy.

From my post Going back to our roots regarding the occult aspects of the signing of the treaty on December 13th in Lisbon:

The venue itself is also worthy of consideration, Jerominos Monastery, located in the Belem District of Lisbon in Portugal. Constructed on the site of a monks hermitage using local gold coloured limestone, building began in 1502 and took half a century to complete, several different sculptors being involved in the project. Within the building are two statues, one of Henry the Navigator, the other of Saint Jerome, after whom the Monastery is named.



aferrismoon said...

Ace reporting
I checked out the event in 911, Rollo refuses to kiss Charles the Simple's foot, so his follower picks up the foot and Charles falls flat on his back.
Mixing the 911 - UK was the 19th state to sign and there were 19 Hijackers navigating the skyways on 9/11

Newspaceman said...
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