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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Great Chieftan o' the puddin- race !

In tandem with my last post:

Yesterday, top business tycoon Donald Trump, arrived in Scotland for the enquiry into his plans to build a luxury golf course - and houses obviously - on a nature reserve in the North East of Scotland. This matter has been ongoing for a while, permission initially being refused, however it seems that we now enter the latter stages of this saga.

As such, Donald took a detour yesterday, flying to Lewis to see the old childhood abode of his mother, one Mary MacLeod, who emigrated to the United States in the 1930's and passed away in 2000 aged 88. We read from more the BBC about Donald's self proclaimed Scottishness:

Mr Trump has long spoken of his affection for Scotland and his desire to build the golf resort in the country where his late mother was born.

Following the visit to the house, in Tong, Mr Trump said: "If it weren't for my mother would I have walked away from this site? I think probably I would have, yes.

"The reason I got involved was because of the feeling I have for Scotland.

Handicapped ?

It should perhaps be noted that here in Scotland, ancient "spiritual" home of golf and America- founding-freemasons, there are already ample courses, and indeed clubs for members; clubs which are generally male orientated with ladies only very recently being allowed to join the majority of these establishments.

Additionally, in my youth, I funded my anti-social drinking by collecting and selling lost balls, and it strikes me that rarely, if ever, did I see a person with coloured skin striding up the fairway.

Can't see the wood for the trees ?


BBC report on enquiry etc. is here.

Lewis/Black Magick, see here


Alex Robinson said...

hello, hello, hello what have we here?
Can't pass up an '88' without a comment - if you come across any horses this year with that name definitely put a bet on it - lol.

The whole game of golf thing I have my suspicions about - I think there's more too it. I had a wee look earlier this year, but didn't go to deep. HOWEVER, it is very interesting this usurping of 'hallowed public ground' - they did the same thing in Ireland at Old Kinsale Head - the point of land closest to where the Lusitania went down - a family was picnicing there when it happened - a thing of the past now. There is a protest group who make incursions onto the land every so often - good for them but I can't see them having any real effect.

Newspaceman said...
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Newspaceman said...

if it's runing in the 3.30 I will.

Avoid the horses, too many bad habits already and have a few old friends, every time you catch up with them they have a new system.