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Sunday, 8 June 2008

America, Barack Obama, and bad smells

Henry Williamson, Tarka the Otter, 1927:

"Already his mother had ceased to care, although she would never entirely forget, that she had loved a cub called Tarka"

Some say that Barack is a symbol of an emerging New World - a world where racism and sexism have finally been eradicated - Mr. Obama being the proverbial proof of the pudding in the black equality stakes.

For sure he is something new, something different, potentially a fresh start for a country economically, militarily and spiritually bankrupt; only a blood drained and dry corpse remaining. (see Give 'em enough rope)

A country ready to be reborn, as always predestined?

The United States of Europe? - (See Going back to our Roots)


Henry Williamson, Tarka the Human, 300AW(1):

Already the people had ceased to care, although they would never entirely forget, that they once had a black-president called Obama, a black- president who failed them, a black- president who led them into a living soul-less slave hell.


(1) AW - After William. In 2012, the televisually hypnotised human slave population of the earth appointed Saint Diana's sun, William Windsor Wales, as Global living God-King - after a period of 3 years or so abject collective misery.

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