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Sunday 16 June 2013

Cairoglyphic Synchronicity

On 29th April 2011, Prince William and Kate got married. They met at St. Andrew's University in Scotland.  29th April 2011 was 778 days ago yesterday; bear in mind a day has been slotted into the calendar for 2012's leap year, thus 777?

On the same day as the wedding, riotous trouble broke out at a six thousand strong "street party" held in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow. 22 were arrested, 11 police officers injured. Police Chief  Constable, Stephen House, commented, "On a day when the whole country was bathed in sunshine and united in celebration a group of drunken louts brought violence to our city and shame to our country.". Kelvingrove is best known for it's museum, the star attraction Salvador Dali's, Christ of St. John on the Cross.  (She wore a yellow ribbon)

Yesterday, flight 985 to JFK airport (famously assassinated on 22/11/1963)  from Egypt's Cairo was diverted to Glasgow's Prestwick airport, reason being that a note was found in the toilet sink, by BBC producer, Nada Tafik, apparently threatening to start a fire on board. The Boeing 777 was escorted in by two RAF typhoon military jets, landing at 2.30 pm. The note carried a seat  number, 46D. There was no fire. (BBC News)

Prestwick Airport's biggest claims to fame are firstly that Elvis Presley made his only UK appearance there, on 3/3/1960 (Rites of Passage), and that it was used by the CIA as a pit stop when they were allegedly ferrying Afghan captives for torture. (Daily Record 22/11/09

Yesterday, Kelvingrove Park hosted Scotland's "biggest multicultural festival", the O2 Mela. 25,000 were expected.  (BBC News).

Yesterday, uber-popular  80's band, The Stone Roses, who have recently reformed and are still uber popular, played Glasgow Green. In April 2012, Glasgow Green was chosen for the unveiling of Jeremy Deller's giant bouncy castle Stonehenge, prior to it's moving to London as a "cultural tourist attraction during the Olympic Games". Glasgow Green was where William of Orange loyal, Glasgow Rangers, originally formed and played their first game. Glasgow Rangers have recently been through the grind, but have re-risen from their ashes, phoenix-style. (One flew over the phoenix nest)
Rumours abound re Joseph of Arimathea, Glastonbury, and Jesus.

Yesterday it was announced that the aforementioned Stephen House, now top-boy of April 1st formed, Police Scotland, is to be knighted by the Queen. (BBC News)
Stephen House

On Friday, Aangirfan reported that Uri Geller was allegedly a spy for Mossad and the CIA. The story was in the mail on line yesterday. Uri purchased Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth because he allegedly believes that returning Egyptian Princess, Scota, buried her treasure there. Furthermore, Uri stated "I felt a strong instinctive urge to buy it - and the more I delved into the history and the archaeological lore which surrounds it, the more certain I became that this is one of the most significant sites in Britain". (BBC News & also see Mythomorph's  - The Pyramids of Scotland)

Someone who would have potentially agreed with Uri's thoughts is Comyns Beaumont. Reportedly, the rights of his book, Britain - Key to World History, are owned by the CIA. 

Some number crunching.Yesterday was 15/06/2013. Some people like to add the individual digits together, thus 666. Flight 985 adds to 22 (see Binary Finery for more on 11's, 22's and indeed Uri Geller)

I'm not a great chess lover - unlike Aleister Crowley - but if one takes the D from the Cairo -JFK seat number and converts it to a 4, given it's alphabetical position, then one has 464. According to wiki, re 464 "in chess it is the number of legal positions of the kings, not counting mirrored positions. Has some importance when constructing an endgame tablebase."

Masonic lodge, note "chess board" . Image from here.
As aferrismoon notes in the previous post's comments, toilets are thrones.


Note - for similar, see my post from last week, A monster ritual, re Inverness, Londonderry, and "Christianity".



aferrismoon said...

Game of Thrones : )


Anonymous said...

46D ?

Anonymous said...

I just remembered what's been bugging me. Britain was most definitely NOT 'Atlantis'. They've spent the last (approx.) three and a half thousand years taking control of this 'territory', and the previous (approx.) six thousand years gaining control of Europe (follow, among other indicators, the spread of 'agriculture'). Beaumont must have known this, so is his 'eccentricity' enough of an explanation or does 'Daily Mail staffer' suffice? On the other hand his 'catastrophic climate changes were the results of the action of asteroids on the earth' IMHO is at least partially correct. 'They' know this, although much derided or simply ignored by msm, at least til they had to be seen to be 'doing' -
IMHO most of what is happening now is either 'rallying the troops' or suring up the Templaresque adversary for when 'conditions' necessarily require the next big 'Exodus' and creation of the 'new religion'. I'm wondering if it will be structured around Bernard of Clairvaux's 'descendant' 'Inferno'

Newspaceman said...

You have lost me slightly as I never mentioned Atlantis.

Waht strikes me though is that there is nothing left of Atlantis - if it existed - so who can be sure where it was.

Surely, if there was an Atlantis, agriculture of some form would have been practiced. Maybe that's where the "current" agricultural systems originally came from ?

It would be nice if Mike Baillie got to have a look at the Fortingalll Yew tree rings.


Newspaceman said...

Also, Anon, maybe you could peruse this - and let me know thoughts.