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Saturday 22 June 2013

Project B2Z- Engineering the Days of Noah - Classified

 Mary, Queen of Scots, MQOS,  mother of "Bible reviser" James 6th and Ist, appeared to play some importance in Nigel Farage's recent trip to Edinburgh, given he held his press session in the Canon's Gait public house- a pub which prominently displays it's slender MQOS association -  where he was jeered and called a baw-bag  (a scrotum) and a Nazi.

I noted the visit in the May post, Window Dressing, where I also noted Lady Gaga's potentially occult Carlisle nod to MQOS in 2011, dressing in a prosthetic pregnancy bump, dedicating Orange Coloured Sky to Prince William and Kate, whilst finishing her routine with a track called Judas.

A week after her tribute, Gaga, in some sort of alchemical-ritual, gave birth to liquid gold on American TV. At the same time, Barack Obama was in Ireland, checking out his roots and drinking Guinness (black gold). (Pure Genius). Coincidentally, HM the Queen had been in Ireland the week before, doing much the same thing. Barrak was back there last week, his missus met Bono.

Last September, a ram's head adorned Gaga played in London, singing her new track about Lady Diana - Lady D.I.E - dedicating it to Amy Winehouse,  instructing the audience to "sing, dance, vomit and smoke".  I felt it had shades of Dionysus worship, especially given Andy Murray and his Mum, together with Alex Ferguson and Sean Connery, simultaneous wine-quaffing; not forgetting Prince William and Kate in Singapore, Kate abstaining from the vino after viewing an white orchid named after Lady Diana. From Wine, Women, and song :

Orchis, the son of a nymph and a satyr, came upon a festival of Dionysius in the  forest. He drank too much, and attempted to rape a priestess of Dionysios. For his insult, he was torn apart by the Bacchanalians. His father prayed for him to be restored, but the gods instead changed him into a flower". Also from wiki we learn that the name Orchid comes directly from the Greek for "testicle"...

The thread between all the above is the Greek deity, Dionysus, god of "grape harvest, wine, winemaking, ritual madness and ecstacy". That's not to forget the "human followers" of the Dionysian mysteries, who used "intoxicants, and other trance inducing techniques (like dance and music) to remove inhibitions and social restraints".

In May just past, I noted the new Mary Queen of Scots revolving, teenage romance charged, American TV show, Reign. (here)

MQOS appears to be "not forgotten".

One could envisage that James 6th and 1st got an easy ride, given his mother's demise.

James 6th and 1st was an advocate of the Divine right of kings.

Yesterday's BBC reports on how a fountain related to MQOS is to go on display at Edinburgh's museum, just in time for the tourist influx. The water feature was installed in the courtyard of Mary's father, James 5th, at Linlithgow Palace. "Legend said it flowed with wine when Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed in 1745".

Bear in mind the other exhibitions in Edinburgh this summer; Da Vinci's anatomical sketches, Frank To's Dante inspired works, and Warhol's occultish, Campbell's can feast - Stir Crazy



Anonymous said...

Hmm, 'Inferno' of one sort or another seems to be the flavor of the moment.

Anonymous said...

'Ponerorhcis Skypus Gruenwaldus'?

Newspaceman said...

Hiya first Anon, thanks for those links. Heaven and Hell is the theme of Glastonbury this year, although I have just posted about it.

Scott, thanks, you had me baffled for a bit, but I dig now. Snowden's "balls" are bogus.