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Saturday 22 June 2013

Keeping the faith

Buzz postcard, note masonic symbolism

I will bear the reader the burden of reading my full thoughts on humanity's future, I've said them before, in short it seems clear that a greatly diminshed in number human population will be as one, globally, whilst governed by a small, select few. The new Gods of a new Garden.

In the meantime, colonisation of outer space will have begun.

Today, the BBC reports on how alleged moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin, agrees and promotes those ideas, well the colonisation part anyway. From the BBC's business section, Buzz Aldrin calls for humans to colonise the Red Planet :

Mr Aldrin's vision involves astronauts being trained on the Moon for a life on Mars, and ultimately for new colonists to be brought to the new settlement on a routine basis. He thinks this could be done using "interplanetary cyclers", spacecraft that are permanently moving between Mars and Earth.

But such a plan needs willing volunteers, who must be prepared to travel across space with little prospect of ever returning home. A return journey may in fact become physically impossible after much time spent in the weaker gravity of Mars.

Yet he thinks there will be no shortage of volunteers, and the response to the Mars One initiative suggests he is right. Since announcing its plans in April, it has received tens of thousands of applications from would-be Martian explorers.

"I think that the people who go there will be remembered in history as pioneers," he says, "and the world leader who makes a commitment to establishing a permanent presence on another planet will also be remembered in history as a pioneer

Pioneers from the Highland clearances


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