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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Hearts and minds

In my post from 6th June - Dreaming between the lines - I noted Sir Walter Scott, freemason and author, given his relationship as a "bringer" of both royalty, and tartan, to Scotland.

There's a football club in Edinburgh, Heart of Midlothian, formed in 1874, who took their name from Heart of Midlothian jail which was demolished in 1817, but "kept fresh in the mind" by Walter Scott's novel of the same name. (wiki)

H.M. the Queen is due to visit Walter Scott's old abode, Abbotsford House, on 3rd July after it's multi-million pound restoration. It opens to the public on 4th July.(BBC news)

Meanwhile Heart of Midlothian - a "protestant" club like the re-risen from insolvency, King William of Orange loyal, Glasgow Rangers, also are potless, and entered administration just last week. 

The insolvency administrators are asking supporters to buy season tickets otherwise the club will be liquidated. The deadline date is a "coincidental" 4th July. (Evening News)

One imagines that Hearts, like Glasgow Rangers, will emerge from their ashes, phoenix style.

There's perhaps a subliminal message from the "home" of those architecturally inclined freemasons if one looks to the world stage, financial markets and future shenanigans,



Unknown said...

sounds good to me. when i heard Hearts were going into administration i wondered about a connection with Rangers too.

Newspaceman said...

There's another connection too Clarence, the administrators have given a deadline for offers for the club of 12th July. You will have heard the Rangers (and Hearts) fans singing about that date before in reference to William of Orange/ Battle of the Boyne