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Friday 7 June 2013

Trump @ Bilderberg ?

As the delegates congregate at Watford for the Bilderberg, Donald Trump flies in to the North East corner of Scotland, Aberdeen, to inspect the site of his proposed second Scottish golf course - to be named after his mother, Mary Macleod - and then potentially circumambulate the United Kingdom, low and behold who should pop up but old favourites here, William of Orange and the Glencoe massacre.

Last week saw an episode of Game of Thrones shown on British television, an episode which apparently per the mail on line "shocked viewers with the brutal slaughter of multiple characters", amid accusations that the writer, George R.R. Martin, had gone "over the top".

According to Martin though, the controversial bloodthirsty scenes have a historical basis, both related to Scotland. The first concerned a dinner held at Edinburgh Castle, where the Earl of Douglas was butchered by followers of 10 year old King James 2nd, amid fears he was becoming too powerful. The second, as indicated, refers to the "blood sacrifice" Glencoe massacre, something dwelt upon often here, given Glasgow Rangers, Jimmy Savile's cottage and even Jeremy Paxman, who savaged a student on the University Challenge television programme for getting an answer about William of Orange wrong. (here)

From the mail on line link above :

the MacDonalds had until a prescribed date to swear allegiance to the new king, William of Orange. But the letter they sent to do so, due to bureaucratic mishandling and a secretary of state who had a bone to pick against the clan, didn't make it in time.
The Campbells, under the command of Captain Robert Campbell visited the MacDonalds at Glencoe in 1692. Clan Campbell, Martin explained, stayed with Clan MacDonald, so the laws of hospitality were supposed to apply but were quickly - and murderously - ignored.

The clans played cards together and then the MacDonalds fell asleep. As they dozed, the vengeful Campbells killed 38 of them in their beds. Some 40 women and children escaped, only to perish in the blizzard that raged that night.

What the mail on line misses out, is that Robert Campbell was from Glen Lyon,  a place marinated in Druidic history, and the location of the Fortingall Yew one of the oldest trees in Europe where, according to local myth and legend, Pontius Pilate "was born in it's shade and played there as a child". Which all resonates with abuser Jimmy Savile, and the London police (Scotland Yard) investigation into his dubious conduct, codenamed Operation Yewtree.


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hirundine said...

Ah yes, the "Black" Campbells. It was "Blackie" Campbell and ex-RCMP officer who murdered "Ginger" Goodwin on Vancouver Island. Goodwin a labour organiser and pacifist who ran foul of Blaylock an industrialist in British Columbia. As the last Premier of B.C. Campbell. Who among other shenanigans, implemented an onerous tax with the aid of Canada's federal gov't. In return for which, he not surprisingly, got the plum job of Ambassador to U.K. The crime of the Campbells follows them. There are many crimes charged to the Campbell clan. A bunch of cattle rustlers, from the border country.

Newspaceman said...

Plus their soup is not up to much either.