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Friday 14 June 2013

Indiana Bones

Connery as Danny
In the movie, The Man Who Would Be King, the characters Peachy and Danny adventure through British India, eventually settling in a place called Kafiristan where Danny (Sean Connery) is treated as a God, the son of Sikander - Alexander the Great.

The ruse is related to freemasonry :

"When Danny flinches, the monks grab him and open his shirt, only to be stopped by Danny's Masonic jewel (given to him for luck by Kipling, a fellow Mason). By coincidence, the symbol on the jewel matches one known only to the highest holy man, the symbol of "Sikander" (Alexander the Great), who had passed through the country thousands of years before and promised to return. The holy men are convinced Danny is the son of Sikander. They hail him as king and lead the two men down to storerooms heaped with treasure that belonged to Sikander, which now belongs to Danny.

The author, Rudyard Kipling, wrote the original book on which the film is based, allegedly on the exploits of British Imperialist freemason, Scotsman, Alexander Burnes, first cousin of poet Robert Burns :"Burnes crossed the Hindu Kush twice and wrote a published account of the Kaffirs of Afghanistan. He was known as "Sikunder Burnes" and he and his brother James are still viewed as highly important figures in Indian freemasonry.".

Today's mail on line  notes on how Prince William's DNA "shows the future monarch has a clear genetic line to the former Jewel in the Crown from Diana's side". The article concludes that the Prince has Indian/Armenian ancestry, via Eliza Kerwark, an Armenian Indian who was married to Scotsman, Theodore Forbes. Little else is known of Kerwark.

According to wiki, the Armenians are believed to have come to India, when some Armenians joined the auxiliary elements of the forces under the command of Alexander the Great as he crossed Armenia en route to India.

Obviously Kipling was writing fiction, but one cannot help but wonder if there was some strange truth behind Alexander the Great, and "his" ancient symbols. 

Statue of Alexander and Bucephalus, located at Edinburgh's City Chambers in the Royal Mile

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aferrismoon said...

I see an EgyptAir Boeing 777 has landed at Prestwick.

Fancifully I imagine that the 'home' of Freemasonry , Egypt, lands in the present 'centre' [ possibly] of modern Freemasonry - Scotland.

It was on its way to JFK, bringing in the KingKill thread, while Elvis landed briefly at Prestwick. He was also a 'King'.

A note was found in the toilet saying ' I'll set this plane on fire' - toilets are 'thrones'.

It was royally escorted by 2 RAF jets


Newspaceman said...

Will try to post about it later Moon, have the same fancies, and more.