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Sunday 9 June 2013

A monster ritual ?

The 39th G8 conference begins in Northern Ireland in 8 days.

Last night, we saw the finale of London Olympic opening ceremony scriptwriter, Frank Cottrell Boyce's, Return of Colmcille, a thirty hour performance set in the city of Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The Loch Ness Monster starred, swimming up the River Foyle in pursuit of Colmcille, only to be chased off by a mob of angry locals.(BBC News) It was James 6th and 1st - the Bible reviser - who gave Londonderry it's name, prior to this it was simply Derry, meaning oak grove. Derry is intimate with William of Orange given the Jacobite rebellion and the Siege of Derry.

Rock Ness music festival - also this weekend.
Colmcille is probably better known as Saint Columba - a bringer of Christianity. The reason the Loch Ness Monster is involved is because, allegedly, Columba encountered the beast whilst in Scotland converting Picts in the 6th century. It is claimed that the Saint made the sign of the cross, and commanded the creature to "go back at once", on which it "fled in terror" (wiki). After that, the monster was never heard about until 22/7/1933, but that's another story, maybe related to the double eleven enigma noted here in my last post.

The G8 was held in Scotland, in 2005. Whilst it was on the 7/7 bombings in London took place.

The G20 was held in London in 2009. The police operation was codenamed Glencoe. A man called Ian Tomlinson was killed by the police at the event, he was "drunk", walking too slowly and  wearing a Millwall football club related shirt. Millwall are Scottish rooted. (here)

Beastly Jimmy Savile had a house at Glencoe, scene of the blood massacre in respect of William of Orange, the unfortunate MacDonalds being too slow to pay homage to their new rulers.

Aleister - The Beast - Crowley had a house - Boleskin - on the banks of Loch Ness. Aleister considered it to be the focal point of "magical energies" and we know the type of magick he dabbled in. (wiki)

The founding of Royal Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh - where the Queen met the Pope, in the shadow of Arthur's Seat - has the same type of tale as Columba's monster encounter. Back in 1127, King David went hunting and came across a large white stag which set about him. He grabbed it's antlers, only for them to turn into a cross, the King then building a church - Holyrood - on the spot. Given that the Celtic faith considered a white stag to be a creature of reverence with deep symbolical undertones, it could well be that the story is allegorical.(Hurray for Holyrood)

11 years after his close encounter, King David led an army to England. His troops marched under a new banner, a dragon decorated Royal Scottish Standard. Some would say that his soldiers acted in a manner more akin to the devil, than Christ. (wiki)

Demelza Powell poses with Olympic torch in front of Robert Burns' statue in Dumfries. The name Demelza derives from Saint Columba. Note Burns' masonic "lion's paw" pose. Many more "lions paws" here.


Note too that Loch Ness this weekend hosts the Rock Ness music festival and that the world mountain biking championship is being held at Fort William - a place named after William of Orange - close to Inverness.


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