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Thursday 19 July 2012

A point to be made ?

This  could be synchronicity, coincidence, or even manipulation at a higher level, bearing in mind recent posts.

The gentleman above in the Santa type hat is ex Royal Marine Stephen Gough, AKA the Naked Rambler, who was released early from Perth prison on Tuesday 17th July, after being handed 657 day sentence for parading in the nude; legally for contempt of court and breach of the peace. This was not the first time he had been incarcerated in Scotland, the norm previously was that as soon as he was released he was re-arrested given he refuses to wear clothes, however this time he appears to have been allowed on his way home to Eastleigh, unlike several previous instances over the last 6 years.

The images are from the Scottish Sun, who have christened him Willy, a short form of William and slang for a penis.

The Olympic torch briefly visited Gough's homestead, Eastleigh, on Sunday 15th July, having "taken off  and  landed" on the British Airways Firefly Airbus from Southhampton airport in order to visit the Channel Islands (here).

Monday 16th saw the torch leave from Portsmouth, more specifically, Fratton Park, home of Portsmouth football club; a club in the same financial disarray as Glasgow Rangers, the Scottish, Orange "King Billy" team. It was first carried by John Jenkins, in front of "1000 local schoolchildren(BBC).

What the BBC don't mention though, and what ties in with poor "Willy", is that Portsmouth notorious hooligan firm are called the 6.57 crew, a name taken from the fact that at one time they regularly got the 6.57am train to  London Waterloo (wiki - 6.57 crew).


Note - The curious demise (and rebirth) of "Orange" team Glasgow Rangers has been noted here often.


aferrismoon said...

Also that he got time while those that got Holly Grieg received 'protection'. Robert Green was let out in May :

"Whilst the wider case and those re
lated to it involve many complexities, may I leave you with just one simple statement based on fact.

On 8th September 2009, Hollie Greig was formally interviewed, in my presence, by DC Lisa Evans of Grampian Police. During the interview Hollie described in detail a number of criminal acts perpetrated against her by a number of named individuals. Grampian Police knew that Hollie’s allegations were supported by documents from a number of expert medical and psychological witnesses, prepared independently of each other, sometimes many years apart. In fact, the State regarded the weight of evidence to be sufficiently convincing as to award Hollie £13,500 of public funds, administered by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in compensation for her suffering as a result of these crimes.

During my trial, officiated by Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen, it was established that the Grampian Police had not even questioned a single individual named in Hollie’s interview. By contrast, when I made a statement a few months later within which I emphasised Grampian Police’s failure, complaints were made against me. The police sprung immediately into action and within six weeks from the beginning of January 2010 had interviewed no less than sixty one witnesses to testify against me.

It is surely not just me who wonders at this wide divergence of attitude by Grampian Police in the pursuit of handling criminal complaints. I believe it would make anybody wonder."

Getting your dik out au naturelle proves a far more despicable thing than that which the establishment gets up to behind closed doors.


Layth Shusha said...
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Newspaceman said...

Hiya Moon, first things first, the naked rambler is banged up again; court on Monday.

Re the Hollie Greig matter, my understanding is that there was always problem with witness(es) and this was allegedly the reason there was no prosecution against the perpetrators. That's not to deny the "establishment" are capable of covering up anything/manipulating the law to their own devices - I have first hand evidence of such, having endured some 18 self-represented civil court appearances over the last three years, with the threat of inprisonment constantly hanging over me. Will say no more about it.

What got me about Robert Green was that some saw him as being rather "dodgy" and then when he stood in court for the Breach of Peace my understanding is that rather than defend the specific charge, he chose to wax lyrical about Hollie's "injustice", which, in reality, was not that pertinent to his predicament.

You know that the main prosecution witness against Green was a tiler from Aberdeen and it got me thinking along the masonic oaths - 3rd degree I think - where the lodge is closed as per the "tiler".

Kal, you have me baffled, how are your initials LC ? I looked at the link, is the author one of these new-age-spiritual-awakening types, I have little time for that at this moment in time.


Layth Shusha said...

Hi NS, Well the author of the video was the creature technical director of Lord of the rings trilogy. I saw a video interview of him viz this video, he seemed ok.

Kal Dani is a pseudoname of power, i refer you to my new article regarding my name. LC are the initials of my first and second name.

John Cole said...

How did you come up with 657 days?
The article says 6 years. ??

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Joh, his last sentence was 657 days, he has sepnt the majority of the last six years in jail.

Either google his name and 657 , or the link below for example.

cheers, brian