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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Lord of the Rings

A trilogy of Scottish based Olympic / monarchical stories hit the headlines over the  last few days.

The first from yesterday regarded cyclist, Christopher Hoy, who has been voted to carry the Union flag for Team GB, something he also did at the closing/handover ceremony in Beijing. As I noted back then his name seems apt, what with the Christopher; whilst his pedal-powered sport resonates the new approaching astrological cycle of Aquarius. A different spoke in the wheel, so to speak. The BBC report also has time to mention the inclusion of archer, Alison Williamson, although none of the other contenders get a mention.

On Saturday past we learned again from the BBC that Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, is to lead a trade delegation to London for the games, "showcasing  industries and promoting investment". A "Scotland House" will be set up in the heart of London with more than forty events, advertising Scottish  culture, food and drink to the unwary Olympic visitors. 

Then today, it was revealed that a "military take" on Disney's Brave soundtrack is to be included at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, based at Edinburgh Castle. Along with this, the  evening is due to conclude with "an orchestral re-enactment of the Queen's Coronation of 1953", featuring "the preparations, crowds lining the street, bands parading, the Abbey waiting for a princess, the solemn processional, the anointing of a Queen, and the oaths of allegiance". (BBC)

It's worth pointing out again that the Stone of Destiny, if it is that, is located at Edinburgh Castle, and that it is highly likely that any future monarch will be crowned upon it. The Stone was repatriated on Christmas Day 1950 and left outside Arbroath Abbey on 11th April 1951 before being returned to Westminster. However, on St. Andrew's Day 1996, it was officially handed back to the Scots by Prince Andrew at Edinburgh Castle. Bear in mind here that 11th April 2008 was the date that Prince William received his military "wings" from his father, I wrote about  it here, whilst noting in the process that Richard Dannatt, then head of the British Army, was undertaking the first official celebration of summer events marking the centenary of the Territorial Army on the same day at Edinburgh Castle. Don't forget too, that on  11th April 1689, William of Orange and Mary 2nd were crowned joint Sovereigns of the United Kingdom.

Oh, and don't forget the solitary franchised Edinburgh Castle ice cream van, it's registration WMS 666 T  - a big clue to the potential future.


Note - When "Protestant" William and Mary "took" the crown, many powers were (allegedly) transferred to parliament rather than the monarchy. Watch the situation reverse.

See link on sidebar to mythomorph, re relationship between America's declaration of independence, and Scotlands.

Top image - Stained glass window featuring St. Andrew at Innerwick, Glen Lyon - a place of historic Druidism including the ancient yew tree at Fortingall. Note X shaped cross, tartan (coat of many colours),  fish, and Knight's Templar symbols. See far more from Tsarion link in sidebar, although this actual image is not from there.

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