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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Musing between the lines

The official London Olympic song was unveiled last night on BBC radio 1, a track called Survival from the band Muse. (BBC)

For those unaware of the basics of the group, we note from the New Musical Express review of it that their lead singer, Matt, is a man "who’s usually to be found exposing global power-cult conspiracies in song".

Which leads us again to Pseudo-Occult Media and an old 2009 post: The Duality of Muse. Ben, the author, has a fondness for the trio and tries within the post to give a balanced perspective on the obvious symbolism within their recordings and promotional material, including masonic chequerboards, an image of them ascending a a spiral staircase with a bust of (freemason) George Washington, the ubiquitous sex-kittens, the horns of lucifer, etc. etc. Not to mention the top image posted here with the prominent MK Ultra, an alleged CIA mind control programme and one of their song titles.

Whatever the position, NME seem to hit the nail firmly on the head with their sum-up of the lyrical content of the music: "It’ll certainly make the rest of the world’s athletes believe that Britain is populated solely by immortal classical Gods", which is indeed the Olympic - British Israel - point, not forgetting the Book of Revelations script following.


Bottom image - Muse on Olympic torch relay, note golden "pyramid" to base of torch and note that when runners meet, they kiss torches, again in a "pyramidical" fashion.


Anonymous said...

Interesting explanation. Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Nice one on Ian 'beale' in the last post's comments.

Not directly linked but I noticed a possible bid for Rangers by someone with last name Brown; so from whyte through green to brown.

Also Rangers demise is twinned with the Queen's handshake with McGuinness, which seems just a bit too coincidental for me. Timed almost to the day of Rangers 'relegation' , walkout of players etc.

Using your 'socery' mistake might not 'sorccery' be a useful term, or even just plain old 'soccery'.


Kal Dani said...

Your allways amMUSING if not amazing NP when your not being boring.


Newspaceman said...

Thanks aangirfan, thanks Moon. Soccery again seems apt given the German financial "bail out" and the euro-football.

Thanks too Kal, really sorry if you find it boring.