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Monday, 25 June 2012

Big Cats

Just a quick post, touched on the London 2012 musical extravaganza in my Fruit for thought entry last week: commencing on Prince William's 30th birthday, the Olympic torch returning to Scotland to briefly visit the "lions paw" gesturing Robert Burns statue, a giant fireworks display to greet the torch in Windermere, and the bouncy Stonehenge - Sacrilege - visiting Wales en route London.

As part of the event a giant concert was arranged in Hackney, London, it finished last night with Rihanna and an Egyptian theme; going with the flow, to be honest. (BBC)


Note: Rianna's cat costume etc. all covered in Psuedo Occult Media's 2009 post: Rihanna -the imprisoned Mannekitten, covering mind control etc. etc. 

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