Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Friday, 28 May 2010

On Her Majesty's "Secret" Service

Don't want to sound like I am blowing my own bagpipes, however following on from Wednesday's Donald Trump/Sean Connery related post, today's Daily Record tells how the top American apprentice tycoon wants big Tam - as the movie superstar is known colloquially - to team up with Colin Montgomerie and play the first ever round at "The Great Dunes of Scotland", the course to be completed by "June-July 2012", (just in time for the Olympic Prince William King-raising ceremony):

Trump said Connery and Monty had both backed his vision for the Dunes of Scotland course.

He added: "Sean was in New York recently and I was with him. He came out of the blue and endorsed this strongly.

"First of all, I loved him as James Bond, my all-time favourite James Bond. But when Sean Connery was strongly in favour of this course, that actually had a big impact."


Anonymous said...

"Don't want to sound like I am blowing my own bagpipes"

i think that theres against International Law, the R & A Rules of Golf, and possibly Nature, spaceman

please.... post no pictures

Big Tam is it? got my attention

invested with some grand precog aura? some nimbus of power and penetrative gaze?

the man is a fucking actor is he not? he PRETENDS to be somebody, yikes in the middle ages they oft refused even to feed them....trump an even worse thespian, shakespeare would fry him in fish oil

as for monty never me teacup seemed smotty w/o good cause... soft, shallow, inbred, insulated, and overfed, like an over-ripe cow

so.... three unworthy craftsmen


these themes youve been following, NWO, golf, dragons n dragoons, trump n conners, queen mammy, the kinging etc..... the Tam reference in connex to Monty recalled my posts on Mount Tamalpais in the San Francisco Bay Area -- locally called Mount Tam

the above post discusses the cereal/serial Zodiac Killer and his rituial sacrifices in the Bay Area, including one by rope on Mt. Tam

his first murder was about a mile from a golf course, Blue Rock Springs, and the second killing was in the parking lot of the course itself

Zodiac's blood-ritual at Lake Berryessa, his third killing, was a costumed theatrical performance based loosely on the Lord High Executioner character from The Mikado (thus connecting Sean Connery and the dramatic element)

"Monty" = Mount

the kinging element, for starters, involves the JFK assassination/LBJ swearing-in that AF and i have shown both ritually and officially empowered and crowned the NWO

serial blood sacrifice, scottish rite masonry, babylon big money, death theatre

sounds like Our Gang! ;O)

tellingly, the trail in my essay linked above began with Mount Tamalpais and the Zodiac killings, and led by strangest route to (ta da!) CHICAGO (whatta surprise eh?)

....specifically the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO which keeps popping up in relation to occult activity (and v likely psychological ops/mind control) in the past few decades

also figuring prominently in the post was Muir Woods Grove on the lower southern slopes of Mt Tam -- a longtime prime tessellate/gathering spot for Them Eliteses

the Grove, and Mt. Tam in general, recalled your photos of "Arthur's Seat" -- thus an ancient pagan king from GB, and an ancient "indian princess" (virgin goddess) from US

well done indeed, cheerio, ray

Newspaceman said...

Cheers Ray, good summary of the characters, will see if it happens but looks likely. Will check your older post, you were quiet last time I looked, last week I think.
I have trouble remembering what I have written myself to be honest - although it is usually basically the same sorry tale.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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