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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Duped ?

I don't want to do the good people of Menie a bad turn here, after all they are probably of the opinion that Donald Trump is just a big, fat, money hungry... in his desire to build the "best golf course in the world" (along with housing) in their locality, and thus they would probably prefer that I joined the Trump protest group rather than continue with my potentially preposterous and flimsy fancy that there is more to the project than meets the eye.

The matter has indeed been discussed in some depth here at newspaceman, most recently on 01/02/2010 when I noted the announcement of the tycoon's approved contractor, SOL Golf Construction, tying it in with solar worship and the ancient Celtic St. Brigid's "light-bringing" festival. Last year, in a
A sandwich full of nonsense, I noted some parallels between Jeff Nisbet's Pyramids of Scotland, the release of Lockerbie "bomber" Al Megrahi, Gaddafi's speech to the UN whilst "camped" on land belonging to Donald and the "defacing" of statues by means of adding Trump masks the same night - the light/dark levelling equinox - here in Scotland.

Basically, could it be that Trump's golf course has an angle to it, notwithstanding the unprecedented intervention by the Scottish government to allow the development. The slant I see is some sort of "returning-king" ritual by Trump, a sign that he has made it to "the top". It was the year of Homecoming last year and as the regular reader will know - I see Scotland as fundamental to the construction of of the "masonic" New World Order/Zion, and their forthcoming living god-king. Thus, going on that basis and that Scotland is in fact their Israel, is it not curious, perhaps thinking phonetically, to note that the new golf course is to be named the "Great Dunes of Scotland". Mr. T. himself noted that: "I really feel the name, most people don't understand it."

Thinking laterally from there, somehow I have the feeling that next month will be most important. On 21st June, the longest day, we have Prince William's 28th birthday, before on the 22nd, the government announce their "budget" which seemingly contains significant changes to the constitution and indeed the Scottish government's powers. We can only wait and see what transpires although things seem to be stepping up pace somewhat. Forthcoming matters are perhaps best clarified by the appearance of staunch "Scottish Nationalist", Sir Sean Connery, on Sunday 20th, in Edinburgh, at a special "gala screening" of The Man who Would be King.


Note - On 23th June 2008, , Connery and Scottish Prime Minister, Alex Salmond, sliced up a Stone of Destiny replica cake in Edinburgh Castle. See my King Conn and Jeff's Mystery of Bannockburn , the latter in-depth research on Orion,Templars etc., the "battle" occurring 696 years ago on 23/6.

Trump story here.

Sean Connery at Festival

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