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Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Lion King

We have written before on how the forthcoming London Olympics in 2012 could well be the launchpad for Prince William Arthur Wales' global kingship, given that it comes just after the Queen's diamond jubilee (6/6) and indeed a transit of the planet Venus, the latter known in esoteric circles as the "lightbringer" and the "fallen angel". More importantly however, the sporting event falls just before the commencement of the astrological Age of Aquarius which, according to Carl Jung for example, should have an unconscious effect on the collective mentality of humans in terms of receptiveness to change. In other words, the time will ripe for a new, bogus, Messiah.

Here at newspaceman we focus on real events that, in our opinion, confirm the validity of the monarchical based Luciferian doctrine and transhuman agenda which is being unleashed on mankind with, I am afraid to say, what seems like "our" full blessings.

Thus, tying in well with previous recent posts, we note from the Edinburgh Evening News that city-centre extinct volcano, Arthur's Seat, is to be the home for a "spectacular light show" every night for 3 weeks during the London Olympics, in a project known as "Speed of Light".


Evening News - Speed of Light.
Diamond Light
Arthur's Treat - from last May.
Rik Clay (RIP) - London/Zion 2012 - must read.


Anonymous said...

I have been focused on volcanoes of late - this is not so surprising. Yet, it IS surprising.

Anonymous said...
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Newspaceman said...

Where about are you focusing, I thought you no longer updated your blogs ?