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Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Caine Gang

Resonating radiantly with the recent "Man who would be King"/Egypt theme, yesterday's mail on-line tells of how top actor, Sir Michael Caine, has stepped into the row over our current government's alleged plans to redistribute wealth, by means of taxes on share and second home sales. The actual details will be announced on 22nd June in the budget, in the meantime "Peachy" has warned of an "exodus if there are crippling hikes".

The media are reporting that already many properties are being offered in the volatile economic climate of today, in an attempt to mitigate the expected tax rises - the same applying to vast swathes of shares, held by the "better off". Whether this is true or just scaremongering I obviously do not know, however what can be said as fact is that should these events happen we will see the market value of said asset types drop accordingly. This is one of the basic rules of our capitalist economy: supply and demand - when there is too much of a product available, the price falls & vice-versa. Thus, if this does happen, the economy will indeed "collapse" (which is my belief to be the intention) in order we can be "saved" so to speak.

The top photo shows Caine from Friday night, again see above link, the readers may need refreshed as to the other two characters: Mayor of London, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, star of my lengthy Oz Zion Beijing-London Olympic handover post
(here); the lady actress Barbara Windsor - although renouned for her role as "Queen of the Vic." in long running BBC soap Eastenders, not to be confused as being part of "our" Royal Family.


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