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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Bloodline (the cat has got the cream)

The Stone of Destiny reappears in the media again after we noted the attempted theft of the "replica" stone on 29/4 in my April Powers post, it appears from yesterday's BBC report that the police suspect it may have been removed for "politically motivated" reasons, although no explanation for that theory is offered.

Basically, what happened is that seemingly the burglars arrived with a bogus ("imposter") stone, removed and replaced what is a "replica" stone (the "original" - though it too might be snide - is at Edinburgh Castle) before leaving the very heavy "replica" in the grounds of Scone Abbey. The brass "tourist-info" plaque is still missing.

I take the opportunity to remind the reader that it is almost certain Prince William will be crowned upon the historic rock, my thoughts being at Edinburgh Castle. It's 1950 theft on Christmas Day, and subsequent "return" on 11th April at Arbroath Abbey also tie in well with the bogus Messiah theory proffered here, 11/4 being the date William 3rd (King Billy/William of Orange) and Mary 2nd were crowned joint sovereigns of the UK and also the date Prince William received his "wings" from his father. (see "fallen angel" snap to left, remember the one at bottom with the Omen-like "horn" shadow was taken on Christmas Day 2008)

As regards the police's "political motivation" theory, perhaps they should be looking back in time to 24th June 2008. when we saw Scottish PM Alex Salmond and top celebrity Sean - on her Majesty's service - Connery slicing into a "replica" cake at Edinburgh Castle. Then again, maybe their top brass already know that. (see
King Conn)



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