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Saturday, 3 May 2014

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I can fix anything Cha, just ask Jim
 William Comyns Beaumont, believed  some unusual things. For example, that Great Britain was part of Atlantis and that Scotland's Edinburgh was actually the Biblical Jerusalem. "Many of his beliefs were linked to British Israelism"

Thursday's BBC News carried an article - Prehistoric North Sea "Atlantis" hit by 5m tsunami :

The nets of North Sea fishing boats have pulled up a wealth of prehistoric bones belonging to the animals that once roamed this prehistoric "Garden of Eden". 

But the waters have also given up a smaller cache of ancient human remains and artefacts from which scientists have been able to obtain radiocarbon dates. 

And they show that none of these relics of Mesolithic habitation on Doggerland occur later than the time of the tsunami.

Some people believe that after the catastrophe, the residents of Atlantis moved to Egypt, and built the pyramids. Then they moved back again. It was too hot, and there was no whisky. Later they colonised much of the globe, doing some import/export, tobacco/alcohol, business. It was a win win situation.
Double trouble - a Jekyll and Hyde - a snyde.
Moving forward in time, some people, including allegedly respected authors, believe that the House of Stuart  consider themselves to be God's "chosen ones", in terms of  a "blood" link to Jesus.  Princess Di is House of Stuart.

A poor ex goalkeeper seeks donations to sort his digits; sorry figures.
This week's Edinburgh Evening News wrote of how a play is currently being performed in Scotland's capital city re (House of Stuart) "Scottish" King James 4th and his "Forbidden Experiment". The kind and gentle (as they all are) King, placed two local infants on an island in the Firth of Forth, their sole custodian a mute woman. It was claimed in some quarters that they spoke in Hebrew when much later retrieved.

Who founded America ?
 Alex Salmond, a good friend of the Queen and the top advocate of Scottish-European "independence", reportedly stated that the Scottish people were drunkards last week, courtesy of a GQ interview. He also praised Putin. Energies were then, as noted here re different matters last week, enhanced, magnified ?

Brothers in Arms
First thing after the flood, Noah built a vineyard. Later he got drunk.



aferrismoon said...

After he got drunk he cursed Ham - a bit like Donald Sterling/Tokowitz
-"You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs."

His team are called the Clippers , a fast trading-ship


Mike said...

Perhaps some simple explanations of those handshakes would help us understand?
It appears there's so many to choose from!

... said...

It's weird, I've been reading all about Atlantis and the evidence of Noah and the flood and then I'm reading your posts LoL!

Newspaceman said...

Thanks to you all, apologies for delay in both replying and publishing comments.

Moon, many thanks, Mike, a book would be good, maybe they operate at different "levels".

Marie, there's a book called Secrets Of The Lost Races by a Rene Nooorbergen, which is quite interesting in respect of Noah and his "technology" which was subsequently lost.