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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Golden Wonders

See, topically - Bearded Ladies

Just following on from my earlier post today concerning Scotland, colonisation and the church, a most interesting titbit has appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News which appears to tally with previous sentiments. here

Apparently, none other than music mogul, tycoon and space explorer, Richard Branson, has previously unknown further family ties to both Edinburgh (particularly Goldenacre), and the Kirk, given that his great-great grandfather was Reverend Charles Jenkins, who's historical achievements within the church are described as "legendary" in a 1988 book.

Branson, perhaps in the spirit of Scotland- loving Aleister Crowley, has described the news as magical (sic).

Whilst on that note, it's worth pointing out another coincidence which has transpired today.

The reader may remember the case of April Jones, a Mark Bridger later convicted of her murder, her body was never found. Apparently, Bridger kept "indecent images" on his computer which he stored in a file called Zo. I wrote about it in a post called, A Bridge too Far, when I highlighted the connection to Crowley, The Wizard of Oz (allegedly used in mind control programming), "Zoso" Jimmy Page (who purchased Crowley's Scottish  Boleskin ), and Golden Hill cottage in Wales, where Zepplin wrote much material. Golden Hill cottage is very close to Machynlleth - where April lived.

"Butterfly" Branson, runs a marathon. Some people believe the buttterfly is a symbol utilised in mind-control. I shall skip on the 22 numerology.
Today's BBC notes of how April Jones' mother, together with Kate McCann of Madeline infamy, unveiled a digital billboard at London's King Cross Station, in respect of the national Child Rescue Alert Scheme. (here)

Today's BBC notes of how Led Zeppelin are being sued over copyright in regards to their track Stairway to Heaven, which was allegedly written in Golden Hill cottage. (here)

Policewoman holds up the dedicated Child Rescue Alert Scheme telephone number. Are zeros numbers ?
America's secretive Skull 'n Bones society insignia. Some people believe they run the CIA. It would be interesting to know who "runs" them.  wiki,

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