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Friday, 23 May 2014


When I was a boy, aged about seven, I would often attend the Kirk with my Grandad. I always wore shorts in those days, thus I recall vividly the horsehair pews. I recall too, most vividly, the collection plates being passed round, then their amalgamation into one heavy, jingling, sack.

After Church, we would go back to my Grandad's. Often the doorbell would go, and I would be ordered to hide behind the settee. Once though, we were caught by the Church elder. It appeared that he wished my Grandad to both alter his will and make a monthly covenant of monies (tax deductible) in the Kirk's benefit.

Even at such a young age, I realised there was something afoot and that the teachings of Jesus appeared, perhaps, to have been somewhat modified.

Today, times have changed. No longer do Sunday's have the same eleven o' clock bustle. Churches are fairly quiet nowadays.

The Kirk is no doubt concerned at the dwindling attendances and the lack of funds.

Although the Bible apparently is not too keen on homosexuality, yesterday it was reported that the Church of Scotland is becoming closer to ordaining gay ministers. I have nothing against homosexuals but wonder how an organisation which is based on teachings, can somehow forget or ignore those teachings.

It is fair to say that a lot of global "Christianity" was sourced in Scotland. It is fair too, to say, that the King James Bible has it's roots firmly in Scotland. Apparently, given the diversity of ancient texts, there was some debate as to whether to include the Book of Revelation within the KJV, some seeing it as the work of a madman. However, it is indeed there.

When Prince Charles was christened, at the age of 30 days, his mother the Queen chose the first hymn - Holy, Holy, Holy - to reflect the "sacred significance of the event". Prince Charles embraces all faiths, rather like another Scots-born, globally exported, institution: the freemasons.

The hymn, Holy Holy, Holy, paraphrases part of the Book of Revelation.

The Book of Revelation talks of a mark to be created in the hand or forehead to allow one to buy or sell. 

Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, recently courted controversy by praising Russia's Putin. Alex Salmond wants every child in Scotland to have a state appointed "guardian".

Prince Charles, whilst in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) this week, compared Putin's policies to those of Hitler. The image used for the story in the BBC showed a bagpiper.

When Gordon Brown - who's father was a Kirk minster - preached to the Kirk's Assembly, he spoke of "higher common grounds and united religions"

This week it was revealed that Scotland is to be the first place in the UK to issue plastic banknotes. They will depict the Forth Rail Bridge and an image of it's "designer", William Arroll, who also oversaw London's Tower Bridge. One of Arroll's proudest honours was "being raised a Third Degree Master Mason at Houstoun St Johnstone Masonic Lodge No 242 on April 15, 1869". (Daily Record) From the same link:

FREEMASONRY is a system of morality whose purpose is to make good men better and inspire them to build a nobler world. 

It’s open to men of all religions, denominations, creeds, colours and races who believe in a Supreme Being called the Great Architect of the Universe.

Freemasonry proclaims all men are architects of their own universes.

Prince Philip's funeral arrangements are codenamed Forth Bridge (here)

We don't see much of a future for plastic banknotes.

We envisage a future where a young boy, sat in an all welcoming, multi-faith Kirk, watches the electronic device being passed through the crowded pews, each adult member of the congregation scanning their hand against it, monies duly deducted directly.

The boy can't wait to become an adult and get his chip, just like the celebrities he so admires.


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