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Monday, 28 April 2014

Fashionable Scotland

We touched on French fashion label, Brooklyn we go hard, and their utilisation of the ex Glencoe residence of probable occultist, Jimmy Savile, in the post All the world's a stage back in January.

Today we read from the Daily Record  that German "Neo-Nazi" clothing company, Thor Steinar, have also opted for Scotland for their latest catalogue, choosing locations in various parts of Edinburgh, The Forth Bridge and the Falkirk Wheel. 

Back in 2012, Thor Steinar courted controversy after naming a shop Brevik, which some claimed was a reference to Norwegian "mass  murderer", Anders Breivik, him of Knights Templar infamy.

As noted here before, allegedly the Knights Templar fled to Scotland and helped in the decisive Battle of  Bannockburn. Some claim too, that freemasonry was spawned  by the same source. 

It's also worth pointing out that Adolf Hitler was allegedly influenced by the "occult", and that his deputy, Rudolph Hess, allegedly flew to Scotland single handedly in 1941 in a vain attempt to broker a peace deal with the Duke of Hamilton, who he believed was "prominent in opposition to the British Government". (wiki)

As noted in our last post, Scotland is fast becoming a fashionable global focal point, with resulting "energies".



aferrismoon said...

Jay-Z has a single 'Brooklyn Go Hard', guess its the usual 'viral' thang.

BWGH seems to imply 'boogah'
BGH seems to imply 'buggah'

The fashion industry seems to revel in dysfunctionalism as empowerment


Newspaceman said...

It is moon, apparently the clothing label takes it's name from Jay Z. I should have maybe put in the usual snaps of him in "masonic" pose.