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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Big Brother's Blueprint

Yesterday's BBC News reported that plans are afoot to install 400 "super-intelligent" CCTV cameras in Glasgow's city centre. Apparently Glasgow City Council obtained £24 million from the Government to fund the scheme, and thus be one of Britain's first "smart cities" - a "blueprint for other cities to follow".

The article does not actually say just how clever the cameras are, nor in what respect, other than to advise that they will be handy for prevention of terrorism - people leaving bags; and for suicides, as they will raise an alarm when somebody climbs a bridge parapet for example. It does leave one wondering exactly what else they are capable of. The sad thing is that cameras have become part of our everyday lives, no one raises an eyebrow to them any more, they just accept them as the norm which is surely troubling, if one takes a second to cast one's mind into the future..

Top image is a coincidental blueprint, from "freemason" Jay-Z, released on September 11th 2001.




Unknown said...

man just think of what that £24m could of done in a practical sense. you ever been to Paris? i'm from around Glasgow btw. in Paris even the most out of the way back streets are sparklingly clean compared to argyle, sauchihall and buchanan st.

it could of gone to fund some kind of community nutrition and exercise initiative, or maybe a city-wide mindfulness coaching scheme for one on one to small group sessions with some grounded practitioners.

i know i don't comment much so apologies if i'm dumping a small rant where it's not wanted, but this is exactly the kind of thing that gets me ragin', and the plainest example to all cynics that TPTB aren't out for our self empowerment.

Newspaceman said...

My blog is a rant, so please don't worry. It's music to my ears, I am obliged given Tolkien and the ring - it needs to be destroyed here, at source.

The PTB see us as livestock.


Anon said...

If the cameras do not supply free cups of coffee, then I don't want them.

Sack Kenny MacAskill.

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Aangirfan, I need a coffee.