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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A 20,000 to 1 chance ?

 Remarkable story in today's Daily Record regarding Beyonce - that's mason Jay Z's missus - and Princess Eugenie of the British Royal Family who was there with Kate Middleton's brother. Apparently at her concert at the O2 Arena, Beyonce picked Eugenie at random from the 20,000 throng, thrust a microphone in her face, and urged her to repeat the lyrics "to the left, to the left". Eugenie just "goldfished" according to the source.

Some say that the left hand path represents occultism.

Ben at Pseudo Occult Media covered a potential mind control aspect to Beyonce previously, I took the top image from his site, it seemed apt given William, Kate and Harry's visit to the Harry Potter / Batman studios last week. (here)

image from Merovee


Frank said...

Hi - lots of B's and connections with the Queen (Bee?) around at the moment .

Thanks for the link to the image but don't worry . Take what you want . Images, ideas . I'm not worried .

I wanted to comment on your great Savile pic the other day but was having problems with Broadband .'Thumbs Up' seems to sum it all up .



Unknown said...

The Daily Record occasionally comes up with an really interesting story.

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Frank, appreciated.

Yeah, very occasionally Aangirfan. This one's not that "really".