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Friday, 12 April 2013

Circle squaring

Note the "subliminal" background- spelled out.
In masks , posted on 5th April, it was noted that the Queen had received a Bafta for her "James Bond" role in the Olympics. Something I never bothered mentioning in the post was that the Daily Record concentrated their headline, and image as below, on the fact that Billy Connolly CBE was there and met H.M. If you need to look up Billy, he's on wiki - a comedian and actor; indeed he has a plum role in the Hobbit.

In the post Stir Crazy which was posted two days later, the "occult" influence of Andy Warhol's work was suggested to have a deeper meaning, given it's imminent juxtaposition with To's "Dante's vision of Hell" and Da Vinci's anatomical exhibitions in Edinburgh, the latter set at the Queen's Royal Holyrood House.

Today, Billy (an abbreviated, colloquial William) got into the Sun whist in Dublin,  apparently he was providing plaster casts of his hands, in order that brass copies can be fabricated and set in the pavement outside the Gaeiety Theatre. The image is above. Bear in mind sentiments of recent posts.



aferrismoon said...

Billy'Banana Shoes' Connolly played in X-Files film , well I'll let wiki inform you -

"The duo is taken to Washington, D.C., where Agent Dakota Whitney (Amanda Peet) wants Mulder's expertise with the paranormal as they have been led to a clue—a severed human arm—by Father Joseph Fitzgerald Crissman (Billy Connolly). He is a former priest defrocked for the child molestation of thirty-seven altar boys, and claims God is sending him visions of the crimes."

Defrocked - wonder why that term was chosen.

I believe 'jobbies' was a favourite term of his


Anonymous said...

Oh look at his cute little peado (i am gary glitter) beard!

Anonymous said...

Billy Connolly "still loves abusive dad":

"Connolly also described how his Aunt Mona had regularly humiliated him by rubbing his underpants in his face and leaving notes saying "thief" in the biscuit jar."

""And I had a teacher Rosie MacDonald who was a bit of a psychopath so I would leave my aunt and go to Rosie. It's astonishing I'm not gay because the women in my life are nightmares. "

Newspaceman said...

I really should write a disclaimer that I don't always endorse the sentiments of the comments here - just in case of legal action.

Anway, cheers Moon, I remember him playing the role of the man who sued God ?

Thanks to the Anons too.