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Thursday, 4 April 2013

King Pong

Back on 7/1/11 (UK), I noted how the Kings of Leon drummer with the pertinent name - Nathan Followill - had claimed that he bonded with "great dude", Prince Harry, over a game of table tennis at the O2 (Oz) arena the previous month. (Anyone for tennis)

The Kings had just played a gig before the bondage. It was the 21st of December 2010, the night of a lunar eclipse, and the winter solstice. A pair of the Kings' tour buses combusted and incinerated in the car park, 60 fire fighters attending the blaze after a call out at 8.18AM. Sunrise was at 8.04AM.  (Strings of Leon)

That was 119 weeks ago. Today, as noted in my last, smoking hot post, we saw Kate 'n Wills visit Glasgow. The image below shows their choice of sport.

Note "pyramid/triangle" top left - coincidence ?


wiki- table tennis

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