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Friday, 30 April 2010

April Powers

Starting where we finished up last time, the "dragon" serving "British Royal" family and their love of war, from the BBC today we read of dashing Prince Harry and news released by St James' Palace that he has passed his pilot's course, qualifying him to fly Lynx and Apache helicopters with a possibility of another shift in the 'Stan. (Bay City Stroller)

As the reader may know, often I am drawn to the blue-bloods "connection" with and ambitions for Scotland (indeed Edinburgh), tying in with the above military theme and my previous post, Wednesday saw the return of the 3rd Batta-lion, The Rifles, to their base at Redford after a tour in Southern Afghanistan where they incurred heavy losses.

Today another Royal/Scotland story: apparently persons unknown have attempted to steal the replica Stone of Destiny from Scone, removing and replacing it on Wednesday - Thursday, before bizarrely leaving it in the palace grounds - although with the brass tourist plaque removed. The reader should be aware that the original - if it is indeed that - is held at Edinburgh Castle and that it is likely that Prince William will be crowned upon it.

Last but not least, Edinburgh again, the annual "Mayday" Beltane Fire Festival will be held at Calton Hill tonight. Whilst there are a myriad of tales that could be told regarding the "black hill", what is pertinent given the "new world order" agenda is that on top of the city centre mound - indeed where the procession begins - sits the Scottish National Monument - a replica Greek Parthenon (Acropolis). The only thing about it is that they ran out of money whilst building it in 1829, the project still unfinished. Topical, given the this week's shenanigans in the "money markets" and the future technological global enslavement of humanity.

Bear in mind given last month's posts that the highlight/purpose of the Beltane is the reincarnation of the Green Man.


Notes - please see comments section last post re some interconnected and relevant St. Columba/Loch Ness Monster material .(Bear in mind the Stone of Destiny, some say Columba brought it here)

The Rifles and comrades will march from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood next Saturday, 8th May. This is exactly the same route (down the Royal Mile) that the Pope will travel on 16th September , a palindromic 131 days later.

Top images, badges of The Rifles (hunting horn?)

Bottom image - Scottish National Monument - Note sphinx-like, volcanic Arthur's Seat and Holyrood to left

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Michael said...

All I can think of is Children of the Corn when I think of the British Isles and Beltane.

Perhaps a subtle hint/homage to the future King Arthur. April 23 was St. George's day, some synching with dragon slayers and Dragon Kings?

Newspaceman said...

Perhaps Michael, the hints are non to subtle now, it unveils itself in front of us, yet..