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Monday, 26 April 2010

Project Monarch

Originally it was planned to be a 40 person snake; hat transpired in the London Marathon was a Noah's Ark style, 17 pairs of 2 strong (including Royalty), caterpillar - led by Papa Branson dressed as a butterfly.


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Anonymous said...

unbelievable and sickening

be seeing you, richie


Unknown said...

Branson dressed as a butterfly. Monarch?

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

Hiya, it was sort of a pun on project monarch (mk ultra) in terms of collective mind control in that as far as I am concerned most everything revolves around the appointment of Prince William as a global king. This includes "celebrity" and "sports star" worship - as I feel that William will top them all shortly and they are just the warm up acts.

See -

for example; although Ben has written more on the subject of butterflies.

There is a butterfly called a monarch, the taxonomy section on wiki is quite informative, more importantly it's colloquial name is the wanderer which, to a certain extent, resonates explorer, coloniser etc.. Thinking global/freemasons/outer-space/.

Als, a butterfly goes through a metamorphisis, ugly greedy caterpillar - cocoon - "beautiful" (depending on your outlook) rather like global society at present.

cheers, brian