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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

From the Horse's Mouth

The verdict was announced today, Rome Day, in the ongoing trial of the 5 accused men in the Da Vinci Madonna of the Yarnwinder case, two not-guilty's and three not-proven's being the end result. The reader may remember of the journey home for the masterpiece in the safe hands of the "Silver Fox" (pictured above), including an overnight stay on 3rd October 2007 at the Lockerbie Manor Hotel - once the residence of the boxing rules famed Marquis of Queensberry - seemingly a keen horse rider and fox hunter. The date of the stay has just come to light and resonates with the first ever Papal visit to America, in 1965; closer to home it is the date that the Duke of Montrose issued an arrest warrant for outlaw Rob Roy McGregor - the Scottish Robin Hood. (see previous posts all last month)

Saturday past saw the equine Scottish Grand National, held at Ayr, won by a horse called Merigo at odds of twelve to one. This is the first Scottish winner of the event for 28 years, indeed the horse, owned by a couple named Green, was trained at Lockerbie by a chap named Parker.

As we have noted before at newspaceman, 28 years ago was seemingly the last Feast of the Beast - an Illuminati ceremony - and I have pondered whether this year's event is to be held in Scotland, given the forthcoming meeting at the capital's Holyrood (in the shadow of extinct sphinx-like volcano Arthur's Seat) between the head of the green, The Pope, and the head of the Orange, The Queen, X factor singer Susan Boyle to be the virginal sacrifice on the squarely Pythagorean 16/9. (
Come Dine with Me)

The horse Merigo resonates the Italian venturer, Amerigo Vespucci, apparently the namesake for America - that great freemasonically constructed, British controlled, modern day Babylon of the West. This appears to be a contentious issue however, with some claiming the explorer to be a charlatan and a fraud, in fact, almost fox like. Personally I don't even know if he existed, but the apparent date of his death is uncanny, 22nd February 1512. Or abbreviated (UK or US) 22/2/12. Uncanny bearing in mind Prince William's dark appearance in Hello, Issue 1111, on 22/2/10. (
Numbering days)

It appears to myself that perhaps the answer to all this lies within the Da Vinci masterpiece, given the inventor of the helicopters preoccupation with geometry - confirmed by the Pope/Queen visit date - itself confirmed by the historic Papal trip to the US. Within the artwork we see a woman with a boychild who is holding a cross. In the background are mountains. The boy is particularly plumped cheeked with curly hobbit-like hair. (Perhaps the source for Tolkien). Look though at the woman's left "knee", it is out of proportion - something the master would obviously have done deliberately. The hand too, outstretched from her cloak, does not hang comfortably with her body frame - for it is too large and the angles are wrong.

The answer is simple, there are three within the painting, a lady and two others. One, the aforementioned angelic cherub, the second, a beast so hideous it must be covered, it's outstretched hand grasping at the cross for it knows once it has it, the entire world will conquered and enslaved. (again see Tolkien, his Lord of the Rings and the Saturn heavy
astrological chart for the Lockerbie bombing)

The artwork shows the two sides of Prince William: his public side as the forthcoming media sponsored Messiah, here to save the world from environmental disaster, an amalgamation of worshippers from the Catholic and Protestant faiths lauding him as the chosen one for the Age of Aquarius. The Green Man.

Then there is the darker side, a global-society of mind-controlled, self medicating, soul-less humans born to work, collectively pooling their output into space travel, technology and genetic experiments all under the watchful all seeing eye of CCTV and their God-King. All bar-coded for simplicity.


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