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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Friends in High Places

As the ash from the one thousand 666 metre high volcano eruption at glacier Eyjafjallajoekull swooped down through the United Kingdom, curtailing all flights in and out of the country, news was broken by St. James's Palace detailing Prince William's forthcoming posting to 22 Squadron, RAF Anglesey - as a helicopter pilot.


aferrismoon said...

Its a bit ironic , what with Iceland bankrupted by the banks that it should so easily disrupt so m uch of Europe.
RAF Anglesey [ I think it used to be RAF Valley [Fali] was the last base of the VULCAN bombers, anyhow the defo had a base there as we watched them often , and went there once.

Anglesey [ Ynys Mon] was apparently the last refuge of the Druids, who the Romans tarred and feathered and threw into the sea at HolyHead

Vulcan - God of beneficial and hindering fire.

From the last post the FOX that's always trying to get on the mint seems victorious, though by this post a short-lived victory.


aferrismoon said...

1666 - Great Fire of London.

Fire and Ice - classic Nazi symbology. Iceland used to be called THULE by the Romans
and the Nazis had their Ultima Thule


Newspaceman said...

Cheers aferrismoon, the latter part tying in well with Prince Harry's North Pole/William sketch from a couple of weeks ago.

Vulcan - Vulpine


aferrismoon said...

Just listened to Celtic Rebel's radio show with EUGENE.

They brought up Wills and his Caesaeran intro on June 21st.

Eugene made the point that he was thus born into the 'waning' sun , that which gets less until Dec 21st.
In Egyptian myth Anubis had two aspects, one opened the year on Dec 21 the other closed it on June 21.

it seemed to tie in with these Anubis statues that have been floating along rivers in the past couple of years


Michael said...

This volcanic event has been an important thing, I suspect. Perhaps the royals agree, having dispatched the Chosen One to fan back the volcanic ash with a helicopter. You might enjoy V is for Volcano at gosporn, an interesting 666 synch. I find it very odd that I keep coming back here to read the symbolic interpretation of current events by a new space man obsessed with Will I Am. A new Adam who seems so uncannily "possessed" by the dark side of the Dreaming Mind that I can't help but wonder if everything you say is true.

And Mr. Moon, I wonder if we might meet in the no man's land of new space man:

I admit to occasional "Chosen One" dreams. The gosporn blog is a process, a personal "initiation" so to speak. And you have been (in the past) a sort of "high priest" to me. and I miss that. I guess I'm saying I miss you. Is reconciliation possible? Can a divided land be made whole again?

Cheers, Michael