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Sunday, 7 February 2010


Hot news from the BBC today: "Dinner lady" Queen serves up sausages to children, links well with my post of yesterday regarding infidelity and Glaswegian gangsters, as we read of how the Queen visited St. Peter and St. Paul church near her Norfolk estate; handing out good attendance certificates together with a hot meal of sausage and mash to children.

What jumps out, considering yesterday's reference to crime families the Daniels and the Lyons, is that :

Charlie Adams, a helper at the Sunday school for the parish of Sandringham and West Newton, said: "The Queen and the Duke spent a lot of time talking to the children and their parents.
"About 20 of them performed a version of Daniel and the Lion's Den for her. They practised so hard."

Sausage speaks for itself in the context of previous posts, whilst in slang a sausage is a banger and in cockney rhyme, bangers and mash = cash; collecting the latter a favourite hobby of gangsters, including the monarchy.

Moving back up home, both the main Scottish tabloids today ran a gangster story regarding a threat made to Celtic footballer Darren O'Dea, who seemingly was threatened with having his kneecaps shot off by a "feared drug baron", David Hough, the incident taking place at Karbon nightclub. It appears from the report that Mr. Hough used to be pals with the Lyons before taking up with the Daniels; his main gangland friend now being Robert "Birdman" O'Hara. The cause of the trouble is said to be related to a dispute over a young lady.

This incident is again well starred, Karbon with a C being the future unit of "cash" in these "climate changing" times, yet again Celtic - tying in with the green, and finally the birdman, surely resonating Baphomet and thus Prince William, the Templar's Rex Mundi.


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