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Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Grooming of the Black Sheep ?

Around the turn of the year I became engrossed in underwear and football, partially due to Christmas Day "bomber" Umar and his appearance in a Glasgow Celtic football strip - somehow managing to bag this all up with Tiger Woods, partly due to the balls and cat connection. (Catastrophe, Bright sparks)

We have this week seen a reincarnation of this theme with the ongoing media saga of England football captain, John Terry, who has been caught with his pants down, so to speak, after being exposed as another ladies man; his main conquest being Vanessa Perroncel, a French lingerie model and ex partner of his friend and former team mate Wayne Bridge. Terry is currently captain of Chelsea, a team with strong "connections" to (Protestant/Orange) Glasgow Rangers, not least their "lion" emblazoned emblem. Yesterday he was stripped of his captain's role with the national side.

"Chelsea were founded on 14 March 1905 at The Rising Sun pub"

Matters have also been hot up here in Scotland with Rangers, as their American import, DaMarcus Beasley, had his car firebombed outside his home in Queen's Gardens, the culprits fleeing in an Audi. Speculation has been rife as to the motive with some saying it was Celtic supporters with a grudge, however today it is reported in the
Daily Record that Marcus was "playing away from home" with a young lady who's boyfriend " is connected with leading underworld figures in the city". (This links in well with my post Daniels and the Lyons where I noted both a "gangster hit" -the victim in an Audi - and the blackmail of another Rangers football player, Allan McGregor, who again had played away from home and was being threatened with exposure.)

Marcus was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and briefly signed for Los Angeles Galaxy before making his mark with Chicago Fire

Looking at these two stories with an esoterical eye, and always bearing in mind "my" Prince William "Sun God" theory then again we have the lion, this time on the club crest of both Rangers and Chelsea. The underwear aspect again seems prominent and also from Terry we are led to chocolate (especially given the current Kraft Cadburys take-over), perhaps football or globe shaped, perhaps the orange.

DaMarcus too resonates our ghastly intended future - the firebombing of his BMW in Queens Gardens and his first main club Chicago Fire surely resonating flames and thus the pheonix, reincarnating. Most of all though his birthplace, Indiana, surely indicative of Lady Spencer. The twin Audi vehicles in Glasgow - well, William's Windsor bloodline is German, whilst the four-circles logo says Olympics all over, and the London Olympics is surely the springboard for "greater" things.

What about the infidelity though, where are we headed ?

Well today we see Prince Harry at Twickenham for the Six Nations rugby tournament where England will play Wales, the game marking 100 years since the first international at that venue. In addition, he will become vice-patron of England's Rugby Football Union, coincidentally the day after John Terry was stripped of his national captainship of the football team. Almost like a yin-yang, good guy -bad guy balancing effect.

Perhaps, looking forward in time and given Harry has a girlfriend, coincidentally named Chelsy, we should be prepared for Dirty Harry:

and thus his brother placed in even better light.


BBC rugby event


aferrismoon said...

Great post.
Terry kinda goes with Terry-Wrist/Terrorist

I think the 3rd of the True Blues = Birmingham City, whose logo doesn't bear the lion but 2 globes bound by a ribbon.

Can't find 'owt on internet but I remember the 3 together from an old footy fanzine.
Apologies if I'm wrong

Ta for Dirty harry - same day you sent it I read an article where a lady Ice Cream seller was shot, in Vallejo, Ca.
One of the places the Zodiac Killer operated.

John TERRY - THIERRY HenriCheats that straddle the Channel.
Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense


Anonymous said...

Ta for Dirty harry - same day you sent it I read an article where a lady Ice Cream seller was shot, in Vallejo, Ca.
One of the places the Zodiac Killer operated.

much obliged af i will czech, apparently she was indian, i'd been composing a post on mumbai/haiti lat and long coordinates lastweek --we'd discussed at yr place, cheers spaceman!


Anonymous said...

Chelsea again, chela/claw/pincer, sea beestie

greenwich village/chelsea, chelsea clinton etc fairhall wrote lots on chelsea theme too

gangster motif fits, chicago is mobcentral of course, gee wonder what kinda pub The Rising Son is? :O)

the orangies have surfaced yet again in a piece i'm working on, more later

right, again with the lyons/royalty meme

i just saw cronenberg's Eastern Promises, concerns russian mob activities in london, and the chelsea footys figure prominently in it-- stars viggo mortensen, who does a fine job-- he was king from l.o.t.r. film

cheerio! ray

Newspaceman said...

Thanks to you both for info. Looking forward to see the progression.


Anonymous said...

Dont forget - Terrorist/terry wrist/one of the wrist/firing blanks/british army!

Anonymous said...

Also terry wrists partner Al Kyder = Al Qaida! Problemo el solvde!

Anonymous said...

Terry Wrist and al Kyder turned out to be good jewish boys in the end.

Anonymous said...

Being both involved in media studies and public relations.

Anonymous said...

Creating humorous llittle public stunts for TV.

Anonymous said...

"By way of deception we shall amuse"