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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Helping to remember

Royal Princes William and Harry are again in the press - firstly Harry with his "video-link" to the Brit Awards, closely followed by the news that the pair will be heading for Africa do some "charity work", whilst catching the football World Cup which happens to coincide with their proposed visit.

From the
mail on line we read more:

Harry, 25, hopes to accompany his brother on part of the visit before taking him onto Lesotho, where his own charity, Sentebale, is based.

Lesotho is one of the world's poorest nations and has been devastated by an HIV pandemic.

One third of its 1.8 million population is infected with HIV or Aids and 40 per cent of children are orphans as a result. Average life expectancy is just 40 years.

Harry visited the country during his gap year and was so moved by its plight that he set up Sentebale - which means forget me not - in memory of his late mother, Princess Diana and her work with African Aids orphans.

Interesting indeed is the charity name Sentebale and it's meaning of forget me not, given that we are told that in the 1930's German freemasons took to wearing the pretty little blue flower as a "secret symbol" in their button hole, the traditional square and compass being deemed too dangerous at the time (
see here).

We have touched on this particular poor performing charity before, back on monarchial Oak Apple Day in May, when Harry visited America and laid a wreath at Ground Zero
(Sham 69); the very same day as 28 members of the Royal Regiment of Scotland climbed up Salisbury Crags in the shadow of Edinburgh's sphinx-like Arthur's Seat, to be photographed by a hovering Royal Navy Sea King search and rescue helicopter (Arthur's treat). Brother William is of course training to be a search and rescue pilot.



Kal Dani said...

"The golden child" - A candle in the wind (Diana version)

aferrismoon said...

In PKDick's A SCANNER DARKLY the drug Substance D is made from blue flowers.

The Golden Dawn got all its rituals and information from the German Masons, mainly via a Frau Spengler.
When she died the Germans stopped providing the GD with info