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Monday, 1 February 2010

Number crunch

Today's date, 01/02/2010 is quite fascinating numerically, given that if we ignore the nothings (zeros) it breaks down to 1221 - digits that ring a bell. Also, there are 333 days left till the end of the year and it is in fact an ancient Celtic festival day, Imbolc, or St, Brigid's Day, "marking the very first stirrings of Spring and the lengthening of the days" .(wiki)

Bearing that in mind, we note that today top tycoon Donald Trump revealed the contract for his North East Scottish golf course - the one to be built on a nature reserve, to be the "best in the world" and the one where normal planning guidelines were extraordinarily over-ruled by the Scottish Government - has been awarded t0 an Irish (apt) based company, SOL Golf Course Construction Ltd.

Sol of course resonates the Sun and perhaps even Sol Invinctus, the Roman "state supported sun god" who's festival was held on 25th December, our Christmas Day.


Note -Just to add to that, exactly two years ago to the day, a trawler called the Spinningdale ran aground on the archipelago, St. Kilda. It was at the same time that the undersea water cables belonging to FLAG'S FALCON were mysteriously damaged and there was also another shipping casualty that day, the Riverdance, just off the coast of Blackpool where, curiously, The Spinningdale was first registered.

Anyway, at the time I wrote about the potential connection to a small, ancient burial cairn festooned North East Scottish village called Spinningdale, and the actor James Robertson Justice, who owned a secluded property called the Bungalow built by a mysterious Mr. Chance in the 1920's. Mr. Justice was a keen falconer and apparently due to this hobby he built up a keen friendship with none other than Princes Phillip and Charles who stayed at his home when the Royal train was stationed at Ardgay.

See -Rateral Thinking (Valley of the Kings) for more on this; apologies in advance for post layout.

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