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Friday, 29 May 2009

Sham 69

Today, 29/5/2009, we note from the BBC that Prince Harry laid a wreath at Ground Zero as part of his first official overseas engagement.

Other highlights of his trip to the US of A include a visit to a 911 British victim's memorial, a polo match for the benefit of "his" African Lesotho Sentebale charity, and a visit to Harlem Children's Zone, some sort of educational support centre.

From the above link:

BBC correspondent Laura Trevelyan, who is covering the visit in New York, said the visit had been "carefully choreographed to dispel his playboy prince image".

"Officials organising the trip hope Prince Harry's deployment alongside American forces in Afghanistan will make his public engagements poignant," she said.

"They'll also be hoping that America's enduring fascination with the Royal family will generate positive headlines for the Prince's visit."

From wikipedia, re the charity Sentebale:

When the charity's first accounts were published in March 2008, it was revealed that despite raising more than £1 million in the first 18 months of its operation, just £84,000 was handed over to projects in Lesotho.

In the same period however, Sentebale spent £190,000 on salaries, £86,000 on a website, £26,000 on equipping its office in Maseru and £47,000 on work done before the charity was formally established. In particular, Sentebale's director in Lesotho, Harper Brown, receives a salary and benefits package worth between £90,000 and £100,000 per year.

Meanwhile, the Lesotho Child Counselling Unit remains without any funding to provide even such basic requirements as running water and food for the children.

Whilst on the subject of Africa I have, synchronistically perhaps, this week received a communication asking me to share details of why US firms are wary of investing in Africa. It can be found here.


note the domino's on the twin bottles, Hurry Up Harry, single cover, double six, double 5, and five six. A total of 33.

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33_hertz said...

I do have my concerns about this inbreeding lark, however much Harry resembles Hewitt.

But this charity work at the higher level certainly seems like nice work if one can get it. It's not as if Harry's chap in Africa is run off his feet, is it?

cheers and your wee lad is looking well Newspaceman

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Martin ?

Is good to hear from you again. I think the last time you commented was when I posed the carrot picture - just as he was born.

The man in Africa will be doing little, that is for sure. It is pure Animal Farm.

The inbreeding, have you seen the ring of power "film" on u tube/google ?. It is about 2 hrs long or so - well worth a view.

The wee lad is an inspiration, to be honest he seems so happy with everything, that I sometimes wonder if he is mine. Then again, he does look like me, and I sometimes smile. Thus I do my best to pander to his requirements - mainly visiting the horses to feed them mana-manas and mina-minas. Apples and polos respectively.


33_hertz said...

Yes it is I, Martin!I have had to keep me 'ead down for a wee while, hence not much commenting on my part.Saw a post or two the other day, think it was on the outlaw forums or somesuch and decided it was time to check in here to see what you were up to.

I shall take up your recommendation re. Ring of Power, thx.

Your pride in the wee lad resonates in your words lol.

Funny enough, I must be well over half a century older than your boy, but my needs nowadays are much the same. I'm rarely without a bag of carrots for the pigs and horses. Have to be a bit careful round here due to the close proximity of the Pirbright labs- the owners can get touchy.

The Sham 69 reference got me thinking about an old flatmate of mine in the 70's name of Jerry Floyd, who was a DJ at the Wardour St. Marquee. Also compered the Reading Festival with John Peel and Ian Fleming. Sometimes worked the Roxy, too.
He was well into Sham 69, UK Subs,etc.
Googling his name just now it turns out he died alone in a bedsit in Victoria in 1985. Allegedly neither of the two bands he managed, The Teenbeats or Long Tall Shorty bothered to attend his funeral.
Anyway, enough of my rambling.