Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Monday, 4 January 2010


This post contains most of the information within my last few posts, plus some other titbits which have sprung to mind, all of which lead me to the same conclusion.

On 23rd December, as we patiently waited for the longer days and shorter nights to return, Ryanair flight 772 from Dublin skidded off the runway at Glasgow's Prestwick airport. On the same day, another flight skidded off the runway at Kingston, Jamaica.

Ryan, from the Irish language, is translated to "Little King"

Dublin being the capital of Ireland which has just re-voted "yes" to the Lisbon Treaty after their economic
Celtic tiger bubble burst and far they fell.

Note the Economist front page image (above) on the right from 1997 - "Europe's shining light" - we shall return to that.

Prestwick airport began operations around 1934 according to wikipedia (although the airports own
website reckons 1913) and was founded by David MacIntyre and the Duke of Hamilton, who were the first aviators to fly over the worlds highest peak, Mount Everest, in 1933. The area of land chosen sat directly behind Orangefield House, which was rebuilt and renamed by a James MacRae in 1725 and indeed later used as part of the airports function; the new moniker reflecting his admiration of William of Orange (King Billy). The original house was built in 1690 (the date of the supposed Battle of the Boyne) although demolished in 1966. Along with the runway and a control tower, a hanger was built for Tiger Moth bi-planes.

The airport's biggest claim to fame is probably the flying visit of "King" Elvis Presley on 3/3/1960, those acquainted with the numerology regarding freemasonry will be aware of the 33 degrees and whilst not wishing to go too deep, all the digits add to 22. More recently, the airport has been linked with terrorism, in that it is alleged the CIA used it as a "stopover" whilst en-route to torture suspects in No Mans Land.

We can resonate the Tiger moth with the Celtic Tiger, bearing in mind that moths are attracted to light. These two tigers along with the recent scandal regarding Tiger Woods lead us not far, to Prestwick Golf Club.

Formed by a Heinz like 57 members who met in the Red Lion tavern, the first captain was the Earl of Eglinton (dragon festooned & House of Stuart centred coat of arms below), his families ancient seat located in Kilwinning - curiously home of the Mother Lodge of Freemasonry. Quickly, they poached Tom Morris from St. Andrews (home of golf) as greenkeeper before the first ever Open championship was held at Prestwick. Morris held the record for the largest margin of victory (13 strokes) from 1862 until 2000, when he was eclipsed by, you've guessed it, Tiger Woods.

Glasgow is the home of two rival football clubs, Celtic and Rangers. The latter are supposed to be the Protestant team and wallow in their admiration for King Billy and the Battle of the Boyne, a typical terracing chant being:

Hello, Hello, we are the Billy Boys,
Hello, Hello, you will know us by our noise
We are up to our knees in Fenian (Catholic) blood
Surrender or you'll die.

A typical Celtic chant would be:

Bring on the loyalists by the score
You're orange sash's a fuckin rag
And fuck your fascist uk flag
Because we are gonna set dear Ireland free

Obviously Celtic supporters are "loyal" to the Pope which brings us forward to 25th December, Christmas Day, when we saw "bomber" - The Pope - Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, attempt to blow up an aircraft utilising a bomb in his underpants. You may wonder what this has to do with golf or Tiger, remember that golf is played with balls. Woods, apparently, is led by the latter and poor Umar has torched his. Also, the picture above shows the "terrorist" in a Celtic away strip. Remember too that we previously touched on the Treaty of Lisbon - Celtic's greatest claim to fame is their victory over Inter Milan in 1967 when they won the European Cup and gained the nickname "The Lisbon Lions".

3 days later, on the 28th, an important number according to "conspiracy theorist", James Shelby Downard, we read from the BBC of how work had commenced to preserve a 15th century letter from the Pope founding the University of St. Andrews.

Yesterday Celtic and Rangers played, a 1-1 draw being the result. Watching the game was veteran crooner, Rod Stewart, along with "missus", Penny Lancaster . Rod received a CBE from the Queen in July 2007 (see my post) whilst wearing a "skull and crossbones" patterned tie - resonating Templars/Freemasons. At one time Penny was due to be chief model for Scottish bra businesswoman , Michelle Mone, who received an New Years Honour from the Queen this year for services to the undergarment (see Umar) industry. Another model Michelle has utilised is Katie Price (Jordan); two of the men the latter has utilised joined the television programme Celebrity Big Brother yesterday, one of whom being current partner, cage fighter and X-dresser, Alex Reid.

I can add all that in with Tiger, given his love of big breasted women; that Rod is a slang term for a man's penis and that cages are often used to keep big cats in. Notwithstanding that, when I wrote the linked Rod Stewart/pirate post, which is where the above image is sourced (note Penny in a cat print dress), I highlighted the American secret society, 322, which resonates in alphabetical terms CBB, as in Celebrity Big Brother, which, incidentally, has adopted a Hell based theme, based on Dante's Inferno.

To sum up, we see clear indications of a King, as in Ryanair and Kingston, along with top-ever celebrity, Elvis Presley. The Lisbon Treaty too and the Pope seem well starred, the former given the financially motivated re-vote and the Lisbon Lion connection. Terrorism, as in bombings and suchlike, has only recently left Ireland (IRA/UDA). Light too has been featured, firstly with the moth allegory and secondly with the freemasonic angle which has cropped up repeatedly, masons love light, apparently that is what all the chessboard symbology is about.

Over the last, 400 years, under the guise of freemasonry, our current "global" society, or New World Order, has been created, latterly reinforced by the "banking crisis". Given that our leaders simply print money (quantitative easing) it is a recipe for disaster, or at least the slavery of our children as they inherit a fictitious "debt". This will all be overseen by a one-world King as prophesied in the Bible and our children will live in Hell. Yet few seem concerned, rather they would watch grown men kick a ball about whilst singing about dubious battles and suchlike, all of which were conjured up simply to divide humans and give them something to squabble about whilst they build their own global-cage during the week. Alternatively, they worship "celebrity" and dream, after all if Susan Boyle can make it, anyone can.

Yet we forget the real future and the (rampant) Lion King.


Pope's letter re St. Andrews.


Dennis/87 said...

Cool synchs, the lion one of the queens grandsons? Dennis

Newspaceman said...

Aye Dennis, the oldest one. There are some photos on the left of my "front page", the one with the "Omen-like" shadow is from last Christmas Day.

cheers (&thanks), brian

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest further look into St Nicholas' church plaque's numbers and notaries: 4, 12, 13 and 18; Nicholas, Andrew, Holy Cross, Virgin.

Also - unrelated, so far - this finance web-link has some of the most important numbers to consider, ever, in the 1st and 2nd (1st 1/4 )para's

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Anon,

re the link, I am a bit unsure what figures you refer to exactly. The 3 pillars and the 3.3 billion, I understand the philosophy there, as with the rule 2a-7, discounting the a leaves 27, 3 cubed. The current low of the money markets (MM)as highlighted below the graph is 3.27 trillion as well. Is that what you mean ?

The same numbers came up with Bank of Scotland and Royal, I posted about it but the search does not work on blogger.

As reagards the notaries, they all resonate Scotland and Christianity, Holy Cross is prob my favorite, being the location for Arthur's Seat, the Royal Palace and the Scottish Parliament.

Thanks again for the link, it was interesting, did the US not take all the gold from it's "citizens" after the last "depression" in the '20's ?


Anonymous said...

Yes, All those as well as the 137 and 0.61(8) !!!


Newspaceman said...

Funny that Chig, according to wikipedia, yesterday,6/1, was phi/golden ratio day. I am not sure about the validity though


Anonymous said...

...validity.....Give it time..(lol)

It's what this world, and it's rulers, are all based on, i.e. a non-spiritual world, unfortunately !