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Friday, 8 January 2010

Curioser and curioser

The Egypt/Cat/Scotland/Celebrity/terrorism/Celtic synchronicity continues with "breaking news" today that Scottish MP, George Galloway, has been deported by plane from Egypt, after attempting to cross into Gaza from there to help members of a humanitarian convoy.

In recent posts I have touched on the television show Celebrity Big Brother. "Gorgeous" George, as he is nicknamed, appeared on the show in 2006 where the "highlight" was his imitation of a cat, including pretending to lick milk from fellow celebrity, Rula Lenska's, hands.


BBC News- Galloway deported.


aferrismoon said...

GG = 33


ray said...

indeed this handy (oopz) picture is reminiscent of your photo of the "scottish sphinx" where the (pseudo) royals retreat -- based on an "entity" that the ancients believed expressed femininity (esp in context as a/the Mystery . . . so biblically concordant)

thus George Galloway, GG33 -- pathetic masquerade of masculinity that "he" is -- was worshipping the goddess, licking up Mystery Milk in his posture of worship and subjugation

.... and not to wonder, he rather has the Weasel look, instead of cat ....

apologies to weasels everywhere!

GG also = Lady GaGa, who was recently shown similarly bowing (like gallows-way) to the other RUler, who hangs at holyrood (=holy root = tigerstaff)

and gee willya lookit that ole Rula appears to be wearing . . . . red! :O)

Rula Lenska = ruler of the ka lens

reinforcing that the male politician/leader is a shill, actually controlled by the female "life force"

the "Ru" prefix infers "red" and fits with recent discussions by AF and moi of RUbedo Woman

the empire never ended, egypt inclusive

good series, your line of iniquiry is paying off


aferrismoon said...

Also Bert RUtan

And Rueing the moment

Rue is a a herb used as a purge


ray said...

Also Bert RUtan

yup hes right in the Mix aint he? there on the RedLine prostrate 'longside the Nile with Elin and Ruta and co.

Dont put on any airs
when youre down on
Rue Morgue Avuenue
They got some hungry women
there and they sure make
a mess out of you (Just like Tom Thumb's Blues)

and, again: let me take this opportunity to apologize SINCERELY to weasels everwhere

Anonymous said...

So GG's lucky number must be 13 ??!


Newspaceman said...

Cheers to all.