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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Reading between the lines

I have almost always purchased the Scotland on Sunday newspaper; if truth be told even in my constantly confused state when ingesting fairly large quantities of class A substances I always also managed to digest the publication. Sometimes I would even get to the classifieds, yes even on the Sabbath.

Perhaps I am still suffering the colloquial comedown after five years ching free (give or take the occasional indulgence), perhaps I am also paranoid, yet I draw readers attention to this week's SoS's top-dogs musings - hopefully you know the bit I refer to, it is not unique - where the "editor" gives "their opinion" on a current topic.

This edition was the turn of global meltdown, as we note, from Here comes the pain:

THE phoney war is over. For months we have known Britain, and much of the western world, was no longer just teetering on the brink of recession – we had already begun the fall into that deep, dark chasm and the only questions were how far we would drop and how bad the pain would be...

blah blah blah...

It can only get worse. The Recruitment and Employment Federation yesterday warned that companies across Britain would cut workforces by as much as 20% in the New Year. One economist predicted a "bloodbath" between January and Easter as firms take radical action to ensure long-term survival. Tough decisions are required for tough times. We can only urge that staff are treated humanely – and, with an eye on a brighter future, that as many as possible are retained.

As I say, maybe it is paranoia, or just maybe someone is occultly jesting, at their readers expense.


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